Installer Applications

ais We haven’t forgotten about all of you who have jailbroken iPhones! We are having a little bit of trouble with our jailbroke test iPhone. We have spent the last few days trying to fix it and we have a few more things we are going to try today. So, hang in there! We will get to the Installer apps as soon as we can.

~ Brooke

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  1. thank you doug, i was beginning to feel like chopped liver

    • Nope…just a broken iPhone! Though, there hasn’t been a ton of activity. I have a feeling devs are waiting for the 2.0 jailbreak.

  2. Antonio Max says

    Looks like even the app developers have switched to app store.
    Twinkle just updated on app store, installer still on the old version.
    No new apps had joined installer and looks like even you guys are too busy listing all app store applications since 3G show up.
    Im VERY sad with all this.

    • I think the jailbroke developers are waiting for 2.0 jailbreak and will begin updating their apps for this, then there will be more activity.

    • Just asking… I know that 2.0 apps won’t work with 1.1.4 firmware BUT is 1.1.4 apps working with 2.0 firmware ? In clear, the apps in Installer today, will they work on a 2.0 firmware v1 iphone jailbroken ? (soon I hope)

      And thanks for the post… I was begining to wonder if you had forget us, 1.1.4 users ! LOL (please, excuse my poor English… I’m from Qu├ębec, French speaking)… :o)))

    • 1.1.4 apps won’t work on 2.0, so they will have to be ported over.

  3. Ya it seems all 1.14 DEV are working on 2.0 stuff now and are waiting to release anything new to 2.0, bummer for us MAJORITY still out there with 1.14 JB we love

    Hope they Winpwn soon so we all can enjoy our 1.14 apps and 2.0 APP Store great stuff

  4. I will be releasing a new version of Neverball for installer tomorrow if that helps :)

    • Antonio Max says

      Sweet! Good news for sure until we all (1.14 jb) wait for the 2.0 jb release.
      I think that the 2.1 rumor also is making things slow for jb stuff to came out…

  5. Good news, Apple replaced our 1st Gen iPhone today that wouldn’t connect to WiFi. Luckily it’s on firmware 1.1.4 :) We’ll be jailbreaking today and back in business!

  6. We love sundays. We think you will too.
    From the Iphone DEV

    YAY 2.0 JB tommorow at least that what I think, however only for MAC, us windows has to wait :(

  7. Can anyone tell me if Lexitron is still in installer somewhere? I can’t seem to find it, and I refuse to upgrade to 2.0 until I know I can reinstall it; can’t live without it. Thanks!

    • Crap, I just realized that maybe I can’t find it because it’s already installed. OK, next question…can anyone verify that it’s still there so that I can install it after I jailbreak 2.0? Thanks again!

    • Stan,
      Lexitron is a digicide game that is in BigBoss/games. It’s also on Cydia. Make sure you have all BigBoss sources and it should show up. One of my favorite games also!!