Palringo 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

This instant messanger application connects you to many services including AOL’s AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Gadu Gadu, ICQ, Jabber, Apple’s iChat and Windows Live Messenger. Not only does it support text based chat, it also supports sending images and voice messages. It puts all of your online contacts together with their service’s icon next to their name. It’s pretty simple to use although I type pretty fast and the keyboard lagged just a bit and caused some spelling errors.

The sound for a new message is sweet. It kinda sounds like the ringer on the phones at CTU on the TV show 24. It’s much shorter though and not annoying. You can switch through chat sessions via the little mailbox in the bottom left. You can change your away status in the bottom right. There is also the feature to create a chat group. I think it only works among other Palringo users. You can also get Palringo for your Mac or Windows PC. Visit for more info.

Over all it’s a pretty sweet app and I can’t wait for the background push service to work with this. There wouldn’t really be a need for AOL IM if you have this. That way you can chat with all clients at once. I was only able to run, AOL, Yahoo, MSN and GTalk. I don’t have the other accounts so let me know in the comments if you got logged in ok!

Click here to download Palringo via the App Store.

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  1. how do u send voice massges?

  2. You forgot to mention that unlike the original AIM app this one requires you to create an account at and share all your passwords with them.

  3. How do you add a service>

    • at the bar at the top you tap the first option the P. Then tap edit. You will see a plus sign in the top right. Tap that.

  4. I was waiting this because it’s better than ebuddy because I can send photos from the camera roll

  5. does it automatically log off after to exit to home screen?

    • Yes, it doesn’t run in the background. It will stay logged in if you just lock your screen.

    • Douglass – you know how the phone shuts off connections while locked after 15min to save battery life? This doesn’t force it to stay connected, does it? And yes, I’m talking about locking it when the app is launched. I would think that making it get connection after the 15min window would also be against apple rules, just like running in the background.

  6. When will there finally come a skype app? Really waiting for that :(

    • there wont be one because att does not alow voip on there phones/network… so it wont come out throught the app store but maybe through cydia

    • @Mic

      Ok. Then why is TriPhone in AppStore ?
      And secondly, Why will Skype make an app fot the Jailbroken platform – through Cydia !! ?

      According to Skype forums, the app is under development and will release soon !

    • VOIP is allowed, as long as you only do it via WiFi. There is already an VOIP app available, it’s just not skype.

  7. Hey booke…call me stupid but i have this app since it first came out and i cant freakin fiquire out how to add for example my yahoo account or aol…it says i need an account and i added my aol screename and password but it doesnt bing up and buddies at all?! what am i doing wrong? lol =p

  8. never mind…duhhh i fiquired it out…all it took was a little time to read some info…thanx for the link to their website lol =}

  9. lol to think that I did restore back to 1.1.4 today in order to use agile mobile!!! LOL I waited for weeks and the very last day this new app is out hahaha… I will upgrade right away!

  10. Hey Doug, I am waiting for Restart 2.0

    • haha, I didn’t develop this app, I just edited the original. Try powertool for now, it’s pretty nice :) Through Cydia.

  11. I for one find this app more buggy than the AIM app. After installing AIM 1.1, it runs a lot smoother. :)

  12. does this work through data or your text?

  13. thinks Pyri, thats good to know.

  14. infowarsdotcom says

    So is this program worth upgrading to 2.0? I’ve been using agile messenger for a while and its been alright. What say ye?

  15. Wait, so you can send pictures to contacts? So I could for example send a picture off my camera roll to my freind’s phone?

  16. maybe i did not play with this app much, but for some reason, i cant seem to be able to send msgs 1st to someone on msn for example
    they have to start the chat then i cant reply

  17. will it run in the background and let me know if I get an incoming message?

  18. Is there any push to talk app for fw 1.1.4?