BossPrefs 2.06b

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BossPrefs The update to version 2.06b of BossPrefs adds a few feature to the application and makes a few changes to background processes. Below is a complete change log via BigBoss:

Change Log for version 2.06b:
* Added missing file needed to detect running state of custom services.
* Redid hidden icons GUI.
* Added ability to hide appstore apps now.
* Redid how icons are hidden. We now use 2.0’s restrictions mechanism to hide icons. This means that hidden icons no longer show up again on an upgrade of a package. The downside is, if you ever disable restrictions in the settings menu, (or enable it then disable it) all your icons will be visible again and you will have to hide them again. Note you should update poof (if you installed this) also. The two apps must be in sync if both used or hidden icons from one may not be able to be unhidden from the other.

The part that I like best about the update is that you can now hide both Cydia and App Store apps! The only thing I noticed is that the Cydia and Stock apps are in alphabetical order and then the App Store apps are at the bottom of the list and they do not seems to be in any particular order. Maybe we will see them added into the alphabetic list with the next update. Personally, I can’t wait until Categories is released (BigBoss says he is getting closer)…I use Categories A TON on my iPhone!

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  1. Paul D. Spradling says

    BigBoss is awesome!!! Can’t wait for Categories!!! :D :D

  2. Can I in install this for firmware 1.1.4?

  3. Doug,
    Just a quick note to let everyone know about Winterboard. If you are not familiar check it out. It is supposed to fill the gap for Summerboard until it is ready. It does a great job and takes off where Customize wanted to go. It is available for Cyndia and there are about 30 or so themes ready now.

  4. ok I had to post this here because nobody answers my questions anywhere else!

    I can’t find for the life of me the required bootloader files for Pwnage. In the bigboss report it gives you the link. I clicked that link and I got a document (i did this in firefox). I can’t find it anywhere else and it never shows up correctly (as it does in the picture)

    please email me at for an answer

  5. Bossprefs opens for me and so does the power option, but Poof doe not… it said “enumerating apps” and then crashes… any help would be nice! :]

    • I believe Poof needs to be updated too. I read this somewhere, but since I don’t use it, I didn’t follow through.

    • Phil, Washington DC says

      you have to update poof also. I noticed when you update a package read the black screen. There’s additional instructions sometimes.

    • ive updated poof, like you both said to do, and neither of the apps work… they both still say “enumerating apps” and then they crach…

  6. I had no problems with the previous version of BossPref, but with this version, when I toggle 3G, my phone never recovers a signal and I get a message saying that “My phone is damaged and needs repair.” Simply shutting down the phone and restarting fixes this. Anybody else? I didn’t have 3G toggle problems with the previous BossPref.

  7. this update also gives the option to change the battery icon to numericic in the status bar

  8. I can’t get the dock in boss pregs to scroll and I can’t move the apps around in the add/ remove apps section. I did upgrade both.. still no app store apps listed either


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