SBRotator SBSettings Toggle

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## As I mentioned yesterday, the SBRotator mod (a hack that allows your iPhone to rotate in all 4 possible orientations) now has an SBSettings toggle. The toggle is free if you have already purchased the SBRotator mod. I honestly have been trying since yesterday to get the toggle to install and was finally able to get it today. So, here we go.
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Push Notifications SBSettings Toggle

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Push Notifications SBSettings Toggle Push Notifications SBSettings Toggle allows you to quickly and easily toggle on/off your Push Notifications via SBSettings.

If you toggle Push Notifications off in SBSettings, it will turn off all Push Notifications. It would be like going into your stock Settings application the Notifications option and turning it off. [Read more…]

Inspell SBSettings Toggle

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free (once Inspell has been purchased)  

Inspell SBSettings Toggle Yesterday I did a review on Inspell, a spell check application. There is also an SBSettings toggle available for the Inspell application. The toggle allows you to quickly and easily turn the app on or off. Another cool feature of the toggle is that it also allows you to toggle through the dictionaries you have installed for Inspell. To toggle through the dictionaries, just tap and hold the Inspell toggle in SBSettings. It will then bring up a list of all the dictionaries installed allowing you to choose one. [Read more…]

QuickShottr SBSettings Toggle

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

QuickShottr SBSettings Toggle This SBSettings toggle allows you to turn on/off the QuickShottr mod. QuickShottr is a mod that; “As soon as you take a screenshot of your iPhone screen using the home/power quick tap method, QuickShottr uploads it directly to ImageShack and copies the link to the image into your clipboard, so you can paste it in any application you want.” However, the toggle seems to be stuck toggled off. Every time I go into SBSetting, the toggle is off and even if I toggle it back on, it automatically toggle off as soon as I close SBSettings. Thus, I am unable to use the QuickShottr mod at all because it is always toggled off. [Read more…]

SBSettings ultrasn0w Toggle

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SBSettings ultrasn0w Toggle SBSettings ultrsn0w Toggle is pretty self explanatory. Once installed, it adds an ultrasn0w toggle to your SBSettings. When I tested this toggle, I couldn’t seem to get it to work. [Read more…]

SBSetting Volume MC – Change Volume Buttons to Media Controls

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SBSetting Volume MC SBSetting Volume MC is a SBSettings toggle that turns your volume control into iPod controller. Once installed, the app is added to SBSetting (you may need to go into the More/Set Toggles options and turn it on). When it is activated, it turns your volume control on the side of your device into a controller for your iPod allowing you to scroll through your songs.

If you tap the volume up button on your volume control, it will go forward a song. If you tap the volume down button, it will go back a song. If you quickly tap the up and then the down button on your volume control it will pause the song. You can then either tap the up or down button to start the song again. One thing I like about this app is that it starts your iPod when you tap up or down. You do not have to go into your iPod start your music and then the app works. You can use SBSetting Volume MC to start your music. [Read more…]

Calculator Widget – Adds Calculator to SBSettings

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Calculator Widget Calculator Widget is an application that adds a Calculator to your SBSettings toggles. I honestly delayed on checking this on out because it didn’t seem too exciting but, once I checked it out, I realized that this could be a very helpful widget!

Once installed, you will need to go into SBSettings, the More option and then the Set Toggles option and turn on the Calculator. When you select the Calculator “toggle” in SBSetting, it will open a calculator. It is not the stock calculator it is a much more simple calculator. However, there is one thing I really like about this widget. If you tap the Home Button when you have the calculator open, it will go back to your SpringBoard however, you can then tap the Status Bar and it will bring the calculator back up. This is nice if you are in an email or Safari or your notes and trying to do some calculations…it allows you to quickly switch back and forth! [Read more…]

SBSettings Update – Hide Hold Indicator

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SBSettings To keep up-to-date on the SBSettings, there have been two more updates recently. The updates 2.99-3 & 2.99-4 had one bug fix and added one new option:

    • A bug fix so that you cannot type in the mobile substrate text box
    • The ability to hide the hold indicator, that is the little hand image on the icons that support the hold feature (which is currently only available on the 3.x firmware). [Read more…]

Vibrate Toggle SBSettings – Easily Turn on/off Vibrate Feature

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Vibrate SBSettings Toggle The Vibate Toggle SBSettings application is exactly what the title indicates…it adds a vibrate option to your SBSettings which allows you to toggle on/off the vibrate feature. Personally, I think this is a nice option to have (sometimes the vibrate is as loud as a ringtone!!). When I tested this toggle…it worked perfectly. If you toggle it off, the vibrate feature is turned off. If you toggle it on, you get a short vibrate indicating the the feature has been turned back on. If it doesn’t automatically show up in the SBSettings application, you will need to go into More (in SBSettings) and then Set Toggles and turn on the Vibrate option.

On a side note, what are some of the toggles you have in SBSettings?
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BossPrefs 2.12b

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

BossPrefs There have been a few updates to BossPrefs since the last time I did a review of the application. Most of the updates have been bug fixes or behind the scenes changes. However, version 2.12b of BossPrefs does add a new option. In the More section, you now have the option to Disable Apple App Killswitch. The Apple App Killswitch is referring to the ability in which Apple has to actually take an app right off your iPhone…like yours personally! Crazy! Well, BossPrefs [Read more…]

BossPrefs 2.06b

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

BossPrefs The update to version 2.06b of BossPrefs adds a few feature to the application and makes a few changes to background processes. Below is a complete change log via BigBoss:

Change Log for version 2.06b:
* Added missing file needed to detect running state of custom services.
* Redid hidden icons GUI.
* Added ability to hide appstore apps now.
* Redid how icons are hidden. We now use 2.0’s restrictions mechanism to hide icons. [Read more…]

SkrewCommon 1.42 & iFastSwitch 1.2

FastSwitch The update to SkrewCommon and iFastSwitch add an SSH toggle options to iFashSwitch however, it is not active. The developer says that it will be active in the next version of the application. Another helpful new feature in the update is that when you respring your SpringBoard, it adds a little red rectangle to your SpringBoard showing you where to swipe on your finger on your SpringBoard to bring up the iFastSwith overlay. SkrewCommmon and iFastSwitch are available through the Skrew source. [Read more…]

BossPrefs 1.72 & 1.73

BossPrefs The update to version 1.72 of BossPrefs “adds ability to sort all the dock icons including the built in apps. Hopefully, this should close all issues with the dock display as well with small numbers of icons.” I think ability to sort all the applications in the dock, including Power and Poof, is good. I also noticed the the Power and Poof icons are no longer automatically added to the dock instead, you can add them if you would like. However, I can’t seem to get them onto the dock. They can both be toggled in the Config menu but, [Read more…]

BossPrefs 1.71

BossPrefs The update to version 1.71 of BossPrefs just fixes a bug “where if you don’t have at least 4 dock icons, the icon display was bad or unusable for some of the external apps.” BossPrefs is available through the BigBoss source.

BossPrefs 1.71

iFastSwitch 1.0

iFastSwitch iFastSwitch is an application that allows you to toggle your WiFi, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode as well as giving you the option to Respring, Reboot and Shutdown your iPhone. It also displays some system information about your iPhone including; the WiFi you are connected to, the IP address you are connected to, the battery percentage and system/media space information. In order to use the application, you have to donate (or have donated in the past). You can install the application without having donated however, you can not enable it.

When you open the application, you will get a main menu with the options; Settings, Visit Application Page and Donate. In the Setting you can enable iFastSwitch, Register and Restart your SpringBoard. What is cool about this application is that once it is enable, you activate it by swiping from the top right corner of your SpringBoard to the middle of the SpringBoard. [Read more…]