QuickShottr SBSettings Toggle

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

QuickShottr SBSettings Toggle This SBSettings toggle allows you to turn on/off the QuickShottr mod. QuickShottr is a mod that; “As soon as you take a screenshot of your iPhone screen using the home/power quick tap method, QuickShottr uploads it directly to ImageShack and copies the link to the image into your clipboard, so you can paste it in any application you want.” However, the toggle seems to be stuck toggled off. Every time I go into SBSetting, the toggle is off and even if I toggle it back on, it automatically toggle off as soon as I close SBSettings. Thus, I am unable to use the QuickShottr mod at all because it is always toggled off.

I did notice that there was an update to version 1.1 of the QuickShottr mod but, updating the app didn’t seem to help the toggle issue I am having. So if you like to use the QuickShootr mod, I would hold off on installing this toggle so that you are still able to use the mod.

On a side note, I sure do seem to be having a lot of issues with SBSettings toggles lately. I hope it isn’t just my iPhone. Let me know in the comments if you installed this toggle and whether or not it worked for you.


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  1. Yep, same problem.

    also, what SbSettings theme is that?

  2. Its kind of off to the topic but i just want to tell folks not to install rotation inhibitor , it just bricked my iphone 3gs, i am restoring my iphone for the 3rd time within yesterday and today. since i have been trying different stuff from cydia. I didnt see any warning about this rotation inhibitor so i tried it, but i end up bricking it. It shows me the lockscreen and then apple logo with processing sign on it, This process keep going. I hard booted the iphone as well but it didnt work. So there was no other way except restore which sucks.

    • I have heard that from someone else too. I would love to see an update to that one…I used it all the time! Bummer about your iPhone.

  3. The same is happening here. It doesn’t work and when I try to activate it via SBSettings it is off as soon as I open the SBSettings again.

  4. I had the same exact problem, that of SBsettings for Quickshottr not “sticking.” (And Quickshottr also wasn’t even working, so I was about to give up and remove both of them. Quite annoying.)

    Then, I went into the iPhone’s own Settings app, saw a new entry there for QuickShottr. I turned OFF Quickshottr and then turned it back ON.

    After that, it all started to work… Including the SBsettings toggle for it.

  5. Thank you Josh! Now its working for me, too! =)

    @Brooke: Would also like to know your sbsettings theme!