Vibrate Toggle SBSettings – Easily Turn on/off Vibrate Feature

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Vibrate SBSettings Toggle The Vibate Toggle SBSettings application is exactly what the title indicates…it adds a vibrate option to your SBSettings which allows you to toggle on/off the vibrate feature. Personally, I think this is a nice option to have (sometimes the vibrate is as loud as a ringtone!!). When I tested this toggle…it worked perfectly. If you toggle it off, the vibrate feature is turned off. If you toggle it on, you get a short vibrate indicating the the feature has been turned back on. If it doesn’t automatically show up in the SBSettings application, you will need to go into More (in SBSettings) and then Set Toggles and turn on the Vibrate option.

On a side note, what are some of the toggles you have in SBSettings?


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  1. Does this toggle on/off the vibrate in ring & vibrate or just the regular silent mode vibrate which is already obviously easily accessable.

  2. I have fast notes, processes kill, rotation and then the normal SSH 3G etc.

  3. I dont think this toggle worked properly for me.. I got vibrates on texts when the toggle was set to off..

  4. I was so excited when I saw this toggle but got disappointed in the end. It doesn’t stop the phone from vibrating when you plug it to an AC or computer. I always wake up my girlfriend when I go to bed late because of that loud double vibration.

    Also if still vibrates if you switch to silent mode.

  5. What sbsettings theme do you use Brooke? I like it.

  6. Hi,
    atm it only toggles caller-vibrations fo the silent mode. That was all i needed at the moment i decided to make me a toogle. In the first place it was never intended to go on cydia and i only wanted to try if i can build it. Now with all the feedback I will try to disable vibration for new emails, sms, etc as well. Seems a lot of people miss this.

    Hope to get startet with updating next week. (Currently a lot of private work) :-)

    Greetings from Germany

    • And not to forget to mention: The plist that controls the Vibration for example is the /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Celestial.framework/SystemSoundVibrationPatterns.plist

      There are the values/settings for ConnectedToPower and RingerSwitchIndication Vibration. But atm sbsettings/the toggle won’t let me set this values. So i will have to find a way to figure it (hopefully) out.

    • Hi RedParkz,

      i think ur plugin is great… only, to me, the vibrate in silent mode is kinda logic… What would be really handy would be to toggle the vib for when it’s not on silent…
      I especially set it so for alarm in the morning, when i definitely don’t wanna hear the vibrations…

      If u think it’s possible, that would be a top feature..



  7. All the Best RedParkz

  8. pdrake007 says

    If you could make it turn off vibrations for games as well that would be awesome – sometimes its difficult to play silently in lectures when its still buzzing all over the place ;-P

  9. What theme is that on the SB Toggle Options??

  10. Hi! Thanks for your job! If you can find a way to disable vibrations for text messages during silent mode… it’d be great! When you are in the middle of a class, nobody talking, everyone listening to the professor’s speech… and suddenly your iphone starts to vibrate… that’s really embarrasing! Thank you!

  11. I made a mistake and turned vibrate and sound off and I don’t know how to get it back on. Can someone help please? :S

    • I loaded sbSETTINGS FROM CYDIA and the Phone icone does not appear, I have iphone 3g 3.0

  12. All,
    Try “Silent Vibrate SBSettings Toggle ” it works perfectly ! It does what Vibrate Toggle should do, but does not !

  13. Littlemonky says

    I was looking for the vibrate toggle in de bigboss repo but i can’t find it there.
    Can somebody help me out?