Vibrate Toggle SBSettings Update – Easily Turn on/off Vibrate Feature

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Vibrate Toggle SBSettings The update to version 1.0-1 of Vibrate Toggle SBSettings adds a little more functionality to the app. After writing my last post about the toggle, many of you pointed out that there were still times when your iPhone or iPod Touch vibrated even after using this app to toggle the vibrate feature off. The update fixes a few of these issue. Your iPhone/iPod Touch will no longer vibrate when receiving a text message, a phone call or when switching it to silent mode. However, it still does vibrate when switching back on from silent mode and when you plug your device in. So, we are getting closer…not quite there yet but, with another update or two I think we might get it! I personally still use this toggle because it does the majority of what I want it to.



Vibrate Toggle SBSettings – Easily Turn on/off Vibrate Feature

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Vibrate SBSettings Toggle The Vibate Toggle SBSettings application is exactly what the title indicates…it adds a vibrate option to your SBSettings which allows you to toggle on/off the vibrate feature. Personally, I think this is a nice option to have (sometimes the vibrate is as loud as a ringtone!!). When I tested this toggle…it worked perfectly. If you toggle it off, the vibrate feature is turned off. If you toggle it on, you get a short vibrate indicating the the feature has been turned back on. If it doesn’t automatically show up in the SBSettings application, you will need to go into More (in SBSettings) and then Set Toggles and turn on the Vibrate option.

On a side note, what are some of the toggles you have in SBSettings?
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