Vibrate Toggle SBSettings Update – Easily Turn on/off Vibrate Feature

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Vibrate Toggle SBSettings The update to version 1.0-1 of Vibrate Toggle SBSettings adds a little more functionality to the app. After writing my last post about the toggle, many of you pointed out that there were still times when your iPhone or iPod Touch vibrated even after using this app to toggle the vibrate feature off. The update fixes a few of these issue. Your iPhone/iPod Touch will no longer vibrate when receiving a text message, a phone call or when switching it to silent mode. However, it still does vibrate when switching back on from silent mode and when you plug your device in. So, we are getting closer…not quite there yet but, with another update or two I think we might get it! I personally still use this toggle because it does the majority of what I want it to.



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  1. SBSettings is such a useful app.

    Is the limit for toggles 8?

    I already have phone, location, lock, bluetooth, screen rotation, wifi, ssh and 3G.

    What happens if a ninth one is installed?

  2. hey guys you know how to add a specific app to double tap home button in supreme settings?
    I want to add pocket tunes .

  3. how is this for the ipod touch? lol just asking

  4. would you be able to add a feature that prevents vibration when the iphone alarm clock sounds but still have vibration for ring and silent mode? That would be great. I HATE when the iphone vibrates when the alarm sounds in the morning, but I want the phone to vibrate when I get a call!

  5. I installed this, and the only thing that it toggles vibrate for is my phone calls. However, none of my text messages vibrate anymore, whether it is toggled on or off. Even after I uninstalled it, my text messages still don’t vibrate. Does anyone have a fix?