iFastSwitch 1.0

iFastSwitch iFastSwitch is an application that allows you to toggle your WiFi, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode as well as giving you the option to Respring, Reboot and Shutdown your iPhone. It also displays some system information about your iPhone including; the WiFi you are connected to, the IP address you are connected to, the battery percentage and system/media space information. In order to use the application, you have to donate (or have donated in the past). You can install the application without having donated however, you can not enable it.

When you open the application, you will get a main menu with the options; Settings, Visit Application Page and Donate. In the Setting you can enable iFastSwitch, Register and Restart your SpringBoard. What is cool about this application is that once it is enable, you activate it by swiping from the top right corner of your SpringBoard to the middle of the SpringBoard. The application will then pop-up on top of your SpringBoard. When you toggle WiFi, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode, you will know that are on when they are green. If they are toggled off, they will display red. To use the Respring, Reboot and Shutdown features, just double-tap them. If you would like to exit the application, just double tap on an empty spot on the SpringBoard. iFastSwitch is available through the Skrew source.

Note: SkrewCommon was updated to version 1.40 to support iFastSwitch. You will want to update SkrewCommon before installing iFastSwitch.

iFastSwitch 1.0 iFastSwitch 1.0 iFastSwitch 1.0 iFastSwitch 1.0 iFastSwitch 1.0 SkrewCommon 1.40

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  1. Nice idea, but Man, those fonts and graphics are hurting my eyes!

  2. The app is really nice, but since I can get any app that’s “locked” unlocked, I don’t really see the point in chargin’ fer an application. I understand it’s hard work, but all this kid ever did was combine a few apps. To be completely honest, this app isn’t even “amazin'” it does somethin’ we’ve been able to use perfectly fine before with netservices, bossprefs, exe. What it comes down to is, if it’s on the internet, expect someone somewhere to hack and unlock the app =]

  3. Not bad works good so far

  4. alex_dlc says

    another one? theres already lots of apps like this

  5. Nice App. I love the icon !
    Waiting for it to come on iAppCat…

    And why is there a Register option? Do we have to pay??

  6. not bad looking, but i like bossprefs better, it lets you control SSH, Edge, Phone and just about anything else youd like to add

  7. install update skrew common and crash my installer no start…..help me…………………………………………………

  8. hey Brooke, they have probably asked you this thousands of times, but how do you ‘blur out’ the other apps when you show a screenshot of your home screen?
    thankz :)

  9. como hago para acceder al programa??

  10. What is the source for this App?