SBRotator Updated – Added Support & Bug Fixes

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SBRotator SBRotator, a hack that allows your iPhone to rotate in all 4 possible orientations, had been updated to version 1.3. The update adds a couple new features, support for more applications (biteSMS, Iconoclasm… etc) and contains quite a few bug fixes (see change log below).

A few of the noteworthy new features include support for an SBSetting toggle and the ability to turn off top-to-bottom rotation. The SBSettings toggle is a separate install however, you can turn the top-to-bottom rotation on/off in SBRotator’s settings in the stock Settings app.

The update also includes a new feature that allows you to theme the dock when in landscape mode. The three options include Default, Transparent and Use Wide Theme. However, if you change the dock theme to Use Wide Theme, it will put your device into Safe Mode as soon as you try to rotate it into landscape. The Default and Transparent docks work fine so, I’m not sure what the deal is with the wide theme dock.

You can get SBRotator via the BigBoss source.

1.3 Changlog:
● Added support for biteSMS
● Added support for iRealSMS
● Added support for iProtect
● Added support for Iconoclasm 1.4
● Added support for Quicksend/Quickreply
● Added dock theming in landscape
● Added SBSettings Toggle (install separately)
● Added option to disable top-to-bottom rotation
● Fixed issue with statusbar disappearing
● Fixed ProSwitcher issue in portrait mode.
● Fixed keyboard flyouts and bubbles orientation.
● Fixed CategoriesSB issue with background enabled.
● Fixed statusbar icon not being removed.
● Fixed cut/copy/paste/select menu not appearing in landscape
● Fixed keyboard disappearing randomly


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  1. Jaylou180 says

    I like this app, but it’s not quite there yet.

  2. this would b perfect if everything was in landscape meanig every app, even settings menu, everything, whats the point of having a landscape springboard if when you click on an app you have go back to portrait mode. but i guess thats a tweak that needs to applied to each individual app per each app developer…sigh…

  3. derekscrazy says

    the previous versions on the 3gs let you “semi-rotate”, letting you leave your dock where it was, and just rotate the icons, this was much better, than any of the other options IMHO, and now, it seems to be missing from the iOS4 updates.

    Will we be seeing this come back in a future update?

    Any thoughts?