Inspell – Autocorrection… add your own to the list!

Available In: Cydia       Price: 2.99  

Inspell So the other day when I was typing a text I used “idk” and I noticed that my iPhone wanted to correct it to “I don’t know” and I thought that was odd but carried on. Then a few days later I typed “K I’ll be out in a sec” and it sent “okay I’ll be out in a sec” and that really got me thinking! I figured it had to be something that installed because it had never done this before. Then I remembered that I had recently installed an update to Inspell, an additional spell checker for the iPhone and iPod touch, so I went into my settings to find that Inspell had added this whole list of short hand items to my autocorrections. These, for whatever reason, were set to elongate my short hand. Most of these abbreviations were thing that i would never use anyway… stuff like “imho” “in my humble opinion”. [Read more…]

Inspell SBSettings Toggle

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free (once Inspell has been purchased)  

Inspell SBSettings Toggle Yesterday I did a review on Inspell, a spell check application. There is also an SBSettings toggle available for the Inspell application. The toggle allows you to quickly and easily turn the app on or off. Another cool feature of the toggle is that it also allows you to toggle through the dictionaries you have installed for Inspell. To toggle through the dictionaries, just tap and hold the Inspell toggle in SBSettings. It will then bring up a list of all the dictionaries installed allowing you to choose one. [Read more…]

Inspell – Spell Check for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Available In: Cydia       Price: $2.99  

Inspell Inspell is adds an additional spell checker to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Once installed, the app is well implemented and very easy to use.

Inspell, it is automatically enabled when you install the app (no icon for this one, it is a code app). You will notice that when you type a misspelled word, a red line is added underneath it. To correct the word, tap on it and then select the Select option on the pop-up. This will highlight the word and give you a new pop-up menu. The menu will include the options Cut, Copy, Paste and Correct. When you tap on correct, you will be given a list of possible corrections for your misspelled word along with the option to add the word to the dictionary (if you add the word to the dictionary, it will not underline it in the future as a misspelled word). In the list, if you see the word you would like to correct your misspelling with, just select it. The word will then be automatically corrected. [Read more…]