Inspell – Autocorrection… add your own to the list!

Available In: Cydia       Price: 2.99  

Inspell So the other day when I was typing a text I used “idk” and I noticed that my iPhone wanted to correct it to “I don’t know” and I thought that was odd but carried on. Then a few days later I typed “K I’ll be out in a sec” and it sent “okay I’ll be out in a sec” and that really got me thinking! I figured it had to be something that installed because it had never done this before. Then I remembered that I had recently installed an update to Inspell, an additional spell checker for the iPhone and iPod touch, so I went into my settings to find that Inspell had added this whole list of short hand items to my autocorrections. These, for whatever reason, were set to elongate my short hand. Most of these abbreviations were thing that i would never use anyway… stuff like “imho” “in my humble opinion”.

Now when they released 3.0 a few months ago they “fixed” some autocorrections. One of these has been bugging me ever since and that is that “lol” is no longer corrected to “LOL” and today I found a way to remedy that. In the Inspell settings under the autocorrections you can add new ones and these will add to your library and at the same time you can delete those unwanted autocorrections!

You can get Inspell via the BigBoss source.


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  1. So I could hypothetically use this as like a Texter-for-iPhone. Nice.

  2. Man I love this system add-on. Been using it since was released. Thanks for the tip about this new feature didn’t even know it could do that!

  3. Cory Gillmore says

    I don’t know what to do okay? Just testing it out…

  4. Incredible app, totally love it!