Installer 4.0 Update

Installer Installer 4.0 is still not available for firmware 2.0 however, the RiPDev blog has been recently updated. It doesn’t sound like Installer is going to be available in the near future…maybe a few more weeks but, they are asking repo owners to contact them. Here is what they have to say.

Thank you very much for your support guys. We’re alive, we’re ironing out some stuff (still), and we’re ready to start kicking some serious butt in a little while. :)

Meanwhile, if you host a moderately big repository for Installer 3.x, this is a call for you. Please email me the URL to your repo and a brief description about it, and we’ll start sending out the new repo code along with the specs and the Installer beta on Sunday.

Please note, that picking out the repos is going to be at my own discretion, so please don’t be disappointed if we don’t pick you right away. Please also understand that I will not be able to reply to everyone personally.


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  1. It figures, RIP (short for rip off) always does what they want, at their own pace, and at their price.

    I for one was disheartened when I learned that they would be working on the Installer now.

    If it doesn’t have a dollar sign attached its not a priority no matter what they say (key word “say”)
    Can you smell the $$$ yet (KATE, etc.)?

    And “Please note, that picking out the repos is going to be at my own discretion”,
    RIP thinks they’re APPLE = RIPPLE sounding to me???

    This company never sat well with me.

    Guess I will stay with 1.1.4 look for another toy, maybe I will starting to research the BB Thunder

  2. Phil, Washington DC says

    This is unfortunate. Installer is great, but if it takes too long to set up on 2.0 then it will die to Cydia. Cydia is at least up and running, not complete but up. The longer Installer is away from the 2.0 scene the worst it will be for it to recover from those who switch to Cydia.

    I guess good things don’t live forever….

    • I don’t think installer will lose to cydia; I had it on my ipod touch for a while, but was disappointed with the app (disregarding the fact that there is not a lot available on 2.0 yet). I get more satisfaction using the app store, and I wish I could go back to 1.1.4 to use installer. Installer is a smoother/better running app than cydia

  3. dimitrios tsolakis says

    i just hope that moleskine comes back in 2.0 with accelerometer support because when i was on 1.1.4 it was my favourite they should have ported it over to cydia

  4. dimitrios tsolakis says

    isteamy ,raging thunder, parking lot , islsk, and raptor, camera flickr, snapture, file browser,your2face and real artist and AV player i just hope these come on 2.0

  5. Ill wait for installer…cydia is too whatever!

  6. thanks nice up

  7. Good