Bible 1.1

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

BibleIf you’re looking for a free Bible app then this is the app for you. Most others cost and some are pretty expensive. There is a pretty big downfall to this app; it only works when you have an internet connection. Thankfully the app’s description page in the App Store says offline browsing it coming soon.

This Bible app comes with many versions including ASV, ESV, KJV, NASB, NIV, NKJV, and 3 Spanish, German, French and Chinese translations. NLT is not an options which is disappointing. You can change version pretty easy by tapping the info button in the top right corner. Tapping on the verse number gives you commentary on the verse in comment, web links and video format. You can easily search the Bible using the search tab at the bottom.

Next is the Daily Read tab. It gives you some suggested reading which I guess will get you through the entire Bible in a year. There’s also a contributors, about and more tab. The more tab lets you see the extra tabs that don’t fit on the main screen and also allows you to edit what buttons are seen at the bottom. One other problem with this app is a lot of the text in some versions has incorrect spacing. There will be to words together or spaces in between a single word. Once this app is available for offline use and the spacing is fixed it will be great.



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  1. I really like this app, plus it’s free!

  2. Yep this is a really impressive app.

    I didn’t know it wouldn’t work if you’re offline.. That’s a letdown. I can’t wait for the update.

  3. William Shewfelt says

    I’ve been using a downloaded bible from stanza, a really nice free app.

  4. What disgusts me is that people can charge fer the Bible, when almost any church will give the Bible away readily to anyone that asks fer one…

  5. Phil, Washington DC says

    I don’t mind to pay if the app does somethings that make it more convient. Like searches, etc.

  6. GreatDane says

    A IPhone bible? Are there really a market for this?

  7. I agree that the NLT would be great. I use the Greg Laurie New Believer’s NLT hard copy that I bought from As far as an app that works offline on the iPhone, I’m using BibleReader. It has ASV and MKJV and some others.