Firmware 2.0.1 Now Available

AppleSo far we’re hearing just bug fixes with no feature updates but we’ll see. Downloading now… 249.2MB We’ll update this article with more info. This download is available via iTunes.

Warning, if you have jailbroke or unlocked do not update at this time. Gizmodo is reporting it does not work with Pwnage or WinPwn.

Update: After iTunes downloads firmware 2.0.1 it has to do a backup of your iPhone. So, this could take quite a while!! ~ Brooke

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  1. Stevey101 says

    So what is going to happen to the pwnage. Do i now just have to create a custom firmware with 2.0.1?

    • If you want to upgrade, yes, not sure if it’s worth it yet, we’ll test and see. Also, pwnage doesn’t work on this new firmware yet.

  2. let us know if it’s more stable than 2.0, like if it crashes and freezes less.

    And If there’s any noticable new features!

  3. It figures, Appple is watching these boards, I mean today intelliscreen, installer beta, cydia now better than ever and now they do this

    Where is Timecapsule so we can back everything up before upgrading once winpwn and the pwn team gets their stuff out


    • Ned Smitty says

      apple didn’t do this to piss off hackers they did it because 2.0 was so not ready… so now its fixed and when a new hack is out i’ll be happy :)

    • neds rite
      apple isnt THAT stupid, they know releasing a minor software update is not going to stop the hackers. anyway, they gave up their biggest weapon when they allowed 3rd party apps to be installed on their products. Now they cant do a major firmware code change or else the apps wont work on the new firmwares which was the only thing that slowed down ppl lik zibri and the dev team.

    • it doesnt matter if they go to 3.0 unless if they change the hardware the dev team will always be able to hack it

  4. they clearly advised that pwnage doesn’t work with this firmware.

  5. FROM MMI the current winpwn and pwnage does not work with the new firmware yet, we have to wait

  6. Stevey101 says

    Hey yeah what i said before was just after they put the post out which did not contain the part about it not working with pwnage sorry.

  7. I’ll be honest, I’ve NOT been impressed with the 2.0 software. I’ve never experienced so many crashes (apps & firmware) with an Apple product. It’s been extremely frustrating. My brother just bought a 3G phone and has had nothing but problems with it (IMAP errors, application crashes, slowdowns, syncing issues, and so on). I’m tired of the 30-45 minute backups that are “mandatory” pretty much every time I dock my phone to the computer.

    Hopefully (?) this new firmware release will fix some of these issues??

    • I’ve heard syncs are faster. Part of the upgrade is backing up your iPhone and since we have MANY programs on our iPhones it will take us a while.

    • JuggleNuts says

      I have noticed it takes longer to backup if you install apps over the air opposed to doing it from itunes. Mine takes half the time if I don’t install apps directly on the phone.

    • apple is having a ton of problems mostly for two reasons:
      1) ppl who’ve jailbroken their iphones are pissed bc hackers hav had a lot of time to perfect the installing process with Installer and Cydia.This is apple’s first experience with it and r off to a slow start. We have higher expectations than what apple is able to amount to
      2) by the appstore being in every stock iphone, theyre are a billion more chances for some freak bug to show up that was able to slip by their testing. i bet apple’s overflowing with complaints for their supposidly “tested” app having huge setbacks.

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      Same here, get pretty bored knowing my phone will back up for ages, so I have started cancelling the backup and the sync starts. Have not seen anything harmful yet. Hmm, thanks for the tip about installing from iTunes JuggleNuts, will give it a try ;-)

  8. iambored8907 says

    Some people on the iphone-dev blogs say in the comments that the unlock survives the upgrade. And my 2G activated with no sim, so idk..

  9. Just installed the update. Let’s hope it fixes some of the crashing problems we’ve all been facing. A quicker way to backup those applications would be nice, too.

  10. So far I think my experience with 2.0 and my new iPhone 3G have been ok. Yes I will say that it is not perfect but if you think back to every new major firmware upgrade nothing ever went smoothly. I still have my original iPhone and won’t be giving it up until everything app I hold seat is ported to 2.0. And I thought I would feel freakish walking around with 2 iPhones LOL. My old iPhone I mainly use for gaming. That is GBA, SNES and GENESIS. Not to mention I still use it is a video recorder and for storage. It still has it’s uses hehe.

    • sorry for the typos. The iPhone keyboard can be a little annoying in the way it auto corrects. ^^;

  11. So I’m reading over at Gizmodo that the firmware updates seemingly fixes the long backup times as well as the lagging SMS keypad.

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      Not touching this up-date until pwnage up-date arrives. Just got used to having the ability to customise and use some excellent apps through Cydia (well done by the way) so no way am I going backwards!!

  12. It didnt backup on mine

  13. I’m pretty sure the real reason Apple released this update is to stop people from running cracked apps.
    Personally I don’t support cracking, but I think their efforts will be thwarted sooner or later. It’s just another cat and mouse game.

  14. Ok .. I have updated..
    The modem firmware seems to have changes..
    The volume glitch still there.. Dissappointed about that…
    Rest all looks the same..
    Syncing is faster

  15. Remember 2.01 and 2,1 are different. 2.01 is just bug fixes which was announced sometime ago. However, 2.1 will possibly have more upgrades…

  16. Douglas i have a jailbroken iphone 3G, when do think we will know if 2.0.1 works on pwnage tools? or should i just restore?

  17. The report so far is it “DOES NOT” work at this moment. I would sit back for a bit until it does.

  18. Sheriff Bart says

    Loaded…but apps still crashing. Pickin’ up a G3 for my daughter en la manana….hope its more stable than this 2G/2.0.1. Sheesh……..

  19. this reminds me of the Psp. Dark Alex releases his new custom frimware and in couple of weeks or sometimes days Sony releses a new lame update.

  20. I think i will just wait it out to see what happens with the new firmware update… on 2.0 with my 3g and got cydia running just fine and works like a charm….took a bit getting used to, but its starting to grow on me…syncing does take a long time but i think i will try what “jugglenuts” said about installing the apps on itunes instead of over the air thru my iphone, lets see if it takes less time to sync like that…aside from all that im not that satisfied with customize…not everything works and it seems as if some options are missing like the ability to change the color of the sms bubbles….or is it that i havent fiquired it out yet??

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      Same here, enjoying my freedom again, having up-graded to 3G I had a time where I watched with envy my wife using my old iPhone with all the installer/Cydia stuff!! I would rather stick with 2.0, wait for 2.1 and hopefully pwnage up-date.

  21. itunes also has an update.

  22. Itunes is saying that 2.0 is the most current version when I hit check for updates.
    Anyone else experiencing this?

  23. I’m on 2.0.1 and the typepad seems smoother but my aim app has already crashed 2 times in da last hour not kool

  24. Contacts load much faster, including keying into the search field. Photos load faster. I got some errors in iTunes about not be able to load apps on the iphone (it listed all my free apps) but everything is in place and working. I even synced a couple times and rebooted and all seems fine (and faster) with 2.01 on a 1st gen phone.

  25. People are reporting if you have a pwned 2.0 you can download directly from itunes 2.01 and still have unlocked working iphone. However, you loose cydia and any apps from cydia during the exchange.

    • Did the update to 2.0.1 on my 2g iphone which was jailbroken and unlocked with winpwn 2.0.
      The iphone survived the unlock as the update hasnt altered the already neutered baseband but the jailbreak has gone.

      Not too bothered at the moment as im sure there will be a jailbreak soon.


  26. Okay, hope for some new changes…


    i hope someone can help me…

    i need to know where the actual backups are stored that iTunes makes prior to restoring. i have been trying to upgrade to 2.0.1 for going on twelve hours now… and every time the “restoring iPhone” bar gets to like 95% or so, the phone crashes and restarts! the only thing that i can do is “set up as new phone” because it sounds to me that my backup is corrupt or something…

    please tell me that there’s some way to get my incredibly huge contacts list and information back… it is very important ;/ thanks…

  28. hey Folks, I just did it, and upgraded my already pwned (with a custom firmware 2.0) 1st generation iphone to the new upgrade. The phone is really really responding faster you flip through icons and webpages faster and it loads faster…I thought it was probably me..but when I went over to engadget ..a user over there cited the same thing. The only drawback to this upgrade so nothing..considering that I DESPISE Cydia..I tried to see if the pwnage tool would allow me to make a custom version of this upgrade..unfortunately kiss your custom logos goodbye.

    Beyond that iphone’s responsiveness after the new upgrade is much much faster..

  29. what are the risks with updating to 2.0.1?
    and is this also for ipodtouch 16gb?

    • mattyb123 says

      If you upgrade to 2.0.1 you will lose your jailbreak and 2.0.1 isn’t jailbreakable yet.

    • francisco says

      do not upgrade until a jailbreak is aviable. It doesn’t matter if it’s regular iphone or 3g or iPod touch. Just hold on.

  30. I’ve updated my FW to 2.0.1 and the funny thing is the Carrier text that I’ve changed (using MIM). Stays!

    • MajorKnuckles says

      Same here, I also changed the battery icon to a numerical battery and that stayed also.

    • francisco says

      I have experienced that since firmware 1.1.2 iPhone 2g and when I switched to 3G, that stayed too. My carrier name was replaced with Mx Telcel GSM instead of AT&T

  31. but what are the risks of updating my ipodtouch to 2.0.1?
    because in the past very much things went wrong on my ipodtouch 16gb,

  32. The correct thing to do is save your contacts , email, calendar, Bookmarks and pictures to your computer. That helps me restored with out iTunes backup Restore. The only thing your losing is your notes.

    • What is the procedure of saving contacts, emails and bookmarks on computer.

    • Connect your iphone to iTunes ,Click on iphone , click on the Info tab (Top corner) You can sync your iphone with your PC’s calendar ,address book , Safari’s bookmark and mail Account applications. vice versa(iPhone-PC or PC-iPhone)Example . If i made any changes on my iphone Address book , next time i sync it will sync your changes to Your computer address book. The photos you need to first open photo.App connect the iphone, save your photos to the app make a folder with all your pic . Open up iTunes Click on the Photos tab. You can sync all pictures or Selected album(The folder you just save) and sync.

  33. francisco says

    I noticed that backup and sync on I tunes are way much faster on the new firmware with I phone 3g. Too bad there is no jailbreak yet.

    Also I was having issues with the battery with 2.0. The battery used to run out very fast. Now that I updated, problem fixed.

  34. SomersetGuy says

    I was having problems syncing yesterday and had to reset my iPhone 3Gto factory settings. I ws able to upgrade the firmware to 2.0.1, today I reloaded all of my other content and apps. A few minutes ago iTunes downloaded what looks to be 2.1.1. Anyone else get this?

  35. Couldn’t decide between jailbreaking or upgrading to 2.0.1, since moving to the 3G I have missed my apps, but have learned to cope,

    The biggest problem so far has been that firmware 2.0 is buggy as hell and has too many sluggishness and crashing, plus the battery was terrible.

    thought it was more important at the mo, to have a fully working phone over jailbreak,

    So far the phone has been behaviour itself alot more since the update and as a previous poster has mentioned, the battery life is actually noticeable better so far, used it to my normal levels today and instead of being nearly dead, it’s just over half battery remaining. impressive!

  36. @ fransisco,
    Why should we hold on until a jailbreak is available?

  37. Hi !…I have a 2G iPhone 1.1.4 …..What is the MOST STABLE of the new versions i could update to?????? …..and what prog should i use doin so? are there any WEBSITES that can help….any tips will be great!