Installer 4.0 Beta

1. Available via download here and here.

2. Extract zip file.

3. SSH the folder into your /Applications folder.

4. Run this command via terminal: chmod -R 777 /Applications/

5. Also Run this command via terminal: chmod a+srx /Applications/

6. Turn off your iPhone or iPod Touch and turn it back on.

NOTE: We do not have an iPod Touch to test this on, please let us know if this works for you, it should… :)

NOTE 2: It took a while longer for my iPhone to boot but it did come up like normal, be patient.

InstallerFirst, it looks like the opinions of Rip Dev making money on this is true. It looks like the featured section is paid for. It says, this space for rent. As I write this article there are only 4 packages available. Mobile Enhancer, Pictoore, some wallpaper and a picture for Pictoore. If anyone knows of any sources for Installer 4.0 please let us know! So far it’s working fine for me.

Watch “Installer 4.0 Beta” on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Thanks to Corey for sending this in!

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  1. hey does this work for the 3G and for windows or is it still being developed

  2. well if it does work for windows, it would be great if someone can put down some directions on how to ssh installer on windows…ive been trying and i cant figure it out..

    • 1download WinSCP
      2open WinSCP and create a new login
      3host name is your iPhone’s IP Address (found in settings>wifi>your wifi connection
      4user name is root, password is alpine
      5wait a minute for it to create network keys
      6once connected, drag the folder to /private/var/stash/applications.42nspx
      7once loaded, select folder and press f8 to change permissions
      8open folder and ctrl+a to select all and f8 to change permissions\
      9close WinSCP, restart your phone

  3. there was an installer update but i got the error message:

    failed script command on line 1: copy path

    Any ideas what that is all about?

  4. Cool : ) it works but its taking a real long to refresh and i have no apps in my categories.

  5. donde puedo cronprar el installer 4.0 beta donde diganme

  6. does this work for iphone 3g firmware 2.1????????????

  7. I got installer But when it loaded it said “Forbidden you don’t have permission to access /featured/ on this server”