New Poll – Do you have 3G service in your area?

AppleiPhoneSchool It’s poll time again! The last poll was – What is your preferred method of getting apps onto your iPhone or iPod Touch? Below are the results based on when we added the poll just over a week ago.

* Installer (77%, 1,797 Votes)
* Cydia (16%, 375 Votes)
* App Store (32%, 745 Votes)
* OpenSSH (10%, 229 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,340

I would have to agree with the majority on this one. My “preferred” methods are Installer and the App Store. However, I’m starting to get used to Cydia. If Installer doesn’t hurry up, I might change my mind on my “preferred” method! You can still vote on this Poll in our Poll Archive page. You can also vote/view all the past polls on the Poll Archive page as well. Here is the new poll:

Do you have 3G service in your area?

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  1. We’re scheduled to get it by the end of this year, though!

  2. At first I was going to skip the 3G phone, even though I’m in NYC with 3G signal, but then my bro got it for me as a surprise ( I got him his original one ) and I must say … 3G makes it way more useful. It’s quite speedy. Well worth the “free”ish upgrade for me. ;-)

  3. Im waiting for installer4!!

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      Same here, BUT I have to say well done to Cydia, I love the new version and they are sure going to give installer a run for the number one installer spot. I will use installer 4 when it arrives, but not sure it will be my first choice ever again. FAMOUS last words eh?

  4. Jonesyxxiv says

    I was actually surprised that I have 3G even though I don’t live in or very close to a major city. Massachusetts has very good coverage.

  5. when the iphone first came out my area did not have 3g so i didnt really care whether or not it had 3g but now it does so its giving me an excuse to get a new one.

  6. Phil, Washington DC says

    3G is available throughout the Nations Capital. There are a few spots where I drive it drops to edge but picks back up quickly. I am extemely happy with the data speeds.

  7. installer beta is out .. i sent you guys the link in an e-mail.. l8 ;-)

  8. The good thing about living in sweden is that you have 3G coverage almost everywhere (90% of sweden)

  9. i barely get any service in 12601. When at work in 12533 everyone is chatting away on their verizon, me with AT&T have to make calls on my office landline.

    • ATT doesn’t seem to do well coming into buildings. We had similar problems in our office. TMobile ( where the iphone also works on ) had signal no problem, while the non-unlocked iphones were getting nothing.

  10. I’m not sure, how do we find out? That’s part of the reason I have’t bought I yet, (well that and I can’t find any in-stock, heh) since I am not sure my area has it.. I live in a small town, but it’s close to a major city..

  11. here in DES Moines we don’t have 3g. I was in Madison wi a week ago they had 3g and it was Definatly quicker than edge.

  12. There is no 3g over here in El Paso, but the edge works fast enough with tmobile. I could even listen to radio shows thru it and download music. WHEN IS MMS AND VIDEO RECORDING COMING? OR INSTALLER 4.0. STILL WAITING.

  13. 3G service was just added a few months ago =D

  14. We do not have 3G service yet. They say we are supposed to get it around September-October. I can’t wait!

    • I was at the att store Sun and the lady there said we will be getting it around sept or oct also.

  15. I live on Manhattan NYC where you would figure 3G would be EVERYWHERE in the major tri-state area. Now when at work I have a 3G signal. That is until I go downstairs where I work. I work one level below street level. I mainly get the EDGE signal I’d say 98% of the time with 3G sneaking in here and there. Topside or street level 3G is vibrant and uninterrupted.

    I live 150 city blocks away from where I work. When I get home it gets very weird. I have 3G mind you. But if I move to a certain part of my place it switches to EDGE LOL. If I move back to another part of my place it switches back to 3G. I average 1 or 2 bars when on 3G at home. If it switches to EDGE I get 3 or 4 bars. On my old iPhone I would average 4 bars on EDGE.

    So it’s weird for me. The speed is still awesome. But it’s just an odd situation. On a side note ice been experimenting with my battery life on the iPhone 3G. I was going to rant about how bad it is. That is until I realized something. This thing gets very hot! Especially when using lots of 3G data. While PLUGGED INTO the power adapter I was noticing my battery actually LOSING strength. I have my header battery set as numerals. It went from 100% (full charge) to 87% (WHILE PLUGGED IN)!!

    So after some deliberation I’ve come to the conclusion that the hotter the processor gets the more the battery will discharge even if it’s plugged in and charging. I pace myself with how I use the phone on 3G and have noticed better battery life. Don’t allow it iPhone 3G to get too hot. If you notice that it is then stop whatever it is that your doing and allow it to cool off. This will help your battery life. I think that we as phone users feel that the iPhone while being a sweet invention should perform flawlessly LOL. I think back to my Motorola RAZR 3G phone and I tend to forget the battery was not only far worse but it too got extremely hot. But then again unlike the iPhone I didn’t use it in the same manner. In my experience between the 2 phones I think the battery on the iPhone is superior to other 3G heavy use phones. We just have to be careful in the way we use it.

    Anyway just my 2cents. Take it anyway you like. Thanks for reading. :D

  16. 3G is fast and all, but sucks your battery life very fast.