Dear AIS, Where’s Lights Off?

Lights OffToday a reader sent the following email:

Do you guys know anything on the status of the Lights Off game? The website for it has been down for sometime and I have not heard much about it since its release. I was just wondering if you had any information on this app coming to the AppStore or being updated for 2.0 jailbreak. The reason I ask is because I would like to have that app on my 2.0 touch. Thanks for your time. – Dewey

Dewey, thanks for the email! Here’s what I found. Over on MacRumors’s Forums there’s a post from Steve (the developer, not Steve Jobs) dated July 23rd that gives us lots of info! Yay! Here it is:

Hey everyone,

I’m proud to announce that I’ve been working with Lucas Newman and Adam Betts to bring their [in]famous Lights Off application to iPhoneOS 2.0 and the App Store.

We’re still working on killer ideas and a new UI, but the core game (the original version) has been reengineered already.

I’m looking for a little feedback from you fine MacRumorese about what you would like to see in the new game, and what you’d prefer not to see (if so takes your fancy). The current plan is as pictured below:

Please do keep track of my personal blog ( for updates and for submitting feedback, and check out some of the gameplay videos and UI sneak peek previews already posted.

Expect to see the new, improved Lights Off in the App Store later this year for the planned price of $2.99.


Also attached was this screen shot giving some possible future added features including mini game, downloadable themes, multiplayer head-to-head, online, timer, moves taken count, and sound effects. Again, these are POSSIBLE features. They are looking for your feedback.

Of course I checked out the link above to Steve’s site and found more screenshots:

The picture gives away a few planned features: Sound Effects, Vibrate, Music, Hints, Bonus Stage, and Themes. Across the bottom you have settings, a how to play guide, stats, and about. Also it looks like since Lucas (the one who developed Lights off for Installer) is now working for Apple, Steve has taken over the app.

Again, here’s the direct link to Steve’s Blog so you can stay up on the progress of Lights Off:

Also, remember to check out the thread on MacRumors. Steve gives some additional info about the app and it’s development process. Here’s that link:

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  1. Hmm, I never was interested in this app, but I still have it, maybe I’ll still check out this app. Thank you for posting this review.

  2. If you really need to play this game, there is Lights Out in the app store for $1.99

    It only has the bare minimums, but I’m pretty sure it uses randomly generated puzzles.

  3. Hmmm, he’ s making it look cheap, too plastic. The original looked so soft and friendly. And the font?

    I’ll wait and see what happens…

  4. Hey guys, any idea of when or if the DOCK application is going to be ported to 2.0.(since were on the subject) I used to hide some icons with POOF but still be able to open then with the DOCK sunburst on the bottom right. Not to mention it looked awesome. PLEASE give me some hope. I dont even know who the developer is.

  5. Ned Smitty says

    Dublin Represent!!!