iXboxLive 1.0

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iXboxLiveDeveloped by Nicholas Pike, the developer of MobileTwitter, iXboxLive has been added to the App Store. We reviewed this app back in April when it was available through Installer (you can still get it in Installer for firmware 1.1.4 and below). The icon has changed to more of a typical square icon rather than the original circle although design has stayed the same.

You can add friends by taping the edit button and then the plus button. Just type in their gamer tag and tap “Add to my local list”. It would be so awesome if you could put your gamertag in and it would pull all your friends at once. Not sure if the Xbox API supports this though. On your main list of friends you see their avatar, gamertag and last seen on date.

Tapping on a friend takes you to a more detailed screen including reputation, gamer score, location, what you were doing when last seen, and a recent games list. The recent games list shows when last played, an avatar representing the game, and your individual score on that game.

Overall, a pretty sweet app for what’s available in the API. It would be sweet if Xbox chat could be added :)

Click here to download iXboxLive via the App Store.

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  1. Thanks Doug!

    • hey nick,
      Do you think you could make it possible to enter your gamertag and password and all your friends would appear there? instead of enterning all their names.

  2. Steve anderson says

    this app has problems when you add a friend then click on it your phone closed this app and friend has gone

  3. Doug – how do you have a mail icon in your taskbar on the 2.0 firmware? I didn’t think taskbar notifier had been ported yet. (http://code.google.com/p/taskbar-notifier/)


  5. Phil, Washington, DC says

    It would be great if you could send and receive messages to your account. Thanks Doug.

  6. iphoneowner says

    Thanx for the tip. I had this on my old 1.1.4 iPhone.. Will add it to my 3G

  7. hey Doug, do you play cod4 or battlefield? If so my gamertag is (of course) Akedo thnx l8

  8. hey what keyboard do u hav installed on your iphone?
    i think its pretty cool. a lot of the other keyboards have missing pics so certain keys arent supported or it just looks bad :(

  9. I WANT PWNAGE TOOL 2.02 W/ INSTALLER 4 (BETA) NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I like it and once it is more stable it will be even better, but Why do some friends cause the app to crash immediately upon selecting them? I have added, deleted and added two buddies who will crash the app every time, yet I have three others that are just fine?