iXboxLive 1.6

iXboxLive This app is pretty simple but hopefully will grow with time. You can add anyone’s Xbox Gamertag and then see a widget style box with gamer info. Install from the Ste Packaging Source.

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  1. Doug:
    my favorite app(and the first one i install every time i restore, obviously after BSD Subsystem and openSSH) is MobileScrobbler.
    So, i decided to look for its article in here.
    And [b]wow![/b], i noticed that you haven’t reviewed MobileScrobbler nor mentioned it! Why’s that?
    And, could someone of this site review it?


  2. sorry for the off-topic, but i really needed to tell you this ;)

  3. Hi I was just wondering what program is used to change the theme of the keyboard? and what theme was used in the screenshot? Thank you

  4. very cool app.. i just uploaded a mod @
    feel free to download

  5. This App Saved me from getting into trouble

  6. Master Q says

    This mod is Cool. but it will be cooler if you can Chat with your friends and Talk with them to…
    —->”chat” will be *ipod touch* and “talk” will be *iphone*<—-
    then this will be a Cool Mod no the Best mod yet!…… Stay Cool

  7. where i click to download??

  8. Dude!!! this has to be ported to 2.0!!!!!!

  9. I switched back to 1.1.3 Are there going to be updates for that one as well or just 2.0? : )