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iOlympicsolympicsLast night the opening events for the 2008 Olympics was amazing! It got me thinking that there had to be some apps out there for the iPhone that would update you on Olympic news, scores and schedules. The first one I’ve found, and best so far, is a web app called iOlympics. It first opens up with a countdown as to how many days are left of the Olympic Games. Next there are 7 choices: News, Today’s Events, Event Schedule, TV Viewing Schedule, Medal Tracker, Sports and Countries.

News covers Olympic news from NBC, BBC, Yahoo, and USA Today. There is also a Most Popular News, Team USA News and a Special Features section.

Today’s Events gives you a break down of all events for the current day. It shows the day and time, event category, specific event, and which match, game, race, etc.

Next is the Event Schedule which you can sort by date or sport. This way if you want to watch your team’s soccer match you don’t have to sort through all the dates. Then once you know the date and time you can go to the next main menu option, TV Schedule. This shows a list of dates, times and TV networks covering the event.

The next option is Medal Tracker. This one I’m not so sure about because I know there is already news out about the medal counts but so far the list on iOlympics is empty. This info may be entered manually, but I’m not sure.

Finally there is Sports and Countries menu options. In Sports, you can breakdown the sport you want and see just that sports news and event schedule. Countries option just takes you to a breakdown of news for that country.

Overall a great app that is both free and full of info. Even though all text based this app is not over complicated and does the job of updating you on Olympic news, scores and schedule. I recommend this web app!

You can visit iOlympics at from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. Nice.
    I wonder if you guys have received my email about Magic Pad?

  2. LordOfFlies says

    sports tap also has info bout the olympics

  3. Real Nice! Tx for the Update

  4. Is there a reason that when i open installer 4.0 BETA after I used Pwnaged 2.0.2 on My Mac that there are only $ apps and when I add sources the all load correctly and I can see the apps but when i go to download it says unable to decode source?

    Sorry To Post This in The wrong Review

  5. Any site with recorded shows. Like the opening. ?
    Like a webapp with list of recorded events and a click takes the link to YouTube app. Would be great to see the vids.