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nbcolympics.comI’ve been look and reviewing all kinds of apps for the 2008 Olympics. From web apps to App Store apps and I’ve finnaly found the winner! NBC has their own mobile version of their Olympics web page. It’s built for any mobile device but it works great on the iPhone & iPod Touch. The best feature of all is the video. Again, it works great on the iPhone & iPod Touch and it’s very up to date. There are TONS of features including: medal count, results, schedules, tv & online listings, video, photos, and a lot more. You can even sign up for SMS alerts for all sorts of things. I think the screenshots will tell a lot. [Read more…]

Beijing 2008 Medal Tracker

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Beijing 2008Beijing 2008 Medal Tracker is as simple as the title suggests. It tracks the top 5 couries in Olympic medals. You can also set your favorite team to track at the bottom. The biggest downfall of this app is the cost. At $1.99, this app is only good for 14 days, then the Olympics are over. I vote pass on this one and check my earlier review of iOlympics the web app or try SportsTap from the App Store.

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iOlympicsolympicsLast night the opening events for the 2008 Olympics was amazing! It got me thinking that there had to be some apps out there for the iPhone that would update you on Olympic news, scores and schedules. The first one I’ve found, and best so far, is a web app called iOlympics. It first opens up with a countdown as to how many days are left of the Olympic Games. Next there are 7 choices: News, Today’s Events, Event Schedule, TV Viewing Schedule, Medal Tracker, Sports and Countries.

News covers Olympic news from NBC, BBC, Yahoo, and USA Today. There is also a Most Popular News, Team USA News and a Special Features section. [Read more…]