iPhone 101 – Episode 10

NOTE: In this video I said that 2.0.1 is not unlockable. That is not true. This was the case from earlier versions of pwnage but is now an option. So far, the iPhone 3G is not unlockable on any firmware.

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  1. where’s the iphone link?

    • still converting on blip.tv

      It says it will be another 22 minutes :(

    • Ned Smitty says

      Doug i know you are completely against cracking apps but if you really want netshare i have a cracked version of it.

      email me if you want it.

  2. Alex Argentina says

    hi guys, i love your page, but i have to say that with winpwn if u upgrade your 2g iphone it unlocks perfectly so theres no worrys for old iphone user in upgrading…



    • Thanks for the info, we were a little confused. Our old iPhones are on 1.1.4 and 2.0. Are you on 2.0.1 and unlocked?

    • Ned Smitty says


      I’m on 2.0.1 and i used Pwnage to unlock my phone, it works.

    • My too I winpwn my 1.1.3 to 2.0 with winpwn then to 2.0.1 with winpwn and my iPhone 2G it’s unlock happilly..

    • LordOfFlies says

      winpwn workes like a dream
      am with installer and cydia

    • I unlocked my first generation iPhone with Winpwn too. And it works fine. No problems until now. I am now on 2.0.1 and happy.

  3. Paul Zarate says

    Haha Doug,

    You we’re driving like a little kid anymore, and you said you don’t like the cartoony racing games.

    Good Episode guys, keep it up!

  4. hey guys. everyone except you says that you can unlock your 2g with could you please help me out which is correct? if it unlocks, i will unlock mine tonight

  5. nice one… doug and Brooke.
    You have to co-ordinate the outfit though..
    Looks good alone but together? I little hard on the eyes..

    Nice job and thanks for crashing your phones before I do…
    Or don’t..

  6. hey, I have a 2g iPhone and I recently Winpwn it with firmware 2.0.1 and it works perfectly, unlock, jailbrake everything.. :)

  7. Yes you can take Netshare off and then SSH it back to your phone. It is your DRM that apple used to put it on in the first place. Also I seen it floating around online.

  8. you can just download netshare.app from a couple of places and ssh it into your phone

  9. For the netshare users there is a illegal version of it online and apple can’t remote remove that…

  10. YAY! I love iphone video podcast day………it’s 25 min of fun! I love you guys….

  11. theres a free olympics app called Lenovo Summer Olympics 2008

  12. you can definatly update to 2.0.1, works a treat using winpwn.
    Jailbroke, Simfree, and i can text at normal speed again!
    Thankyou to everyone!

  13. I love your site and your episode are usually interesting.
    However, todays episode makes you lose your credibility.
    How can you say that 2.0.1 is not unlockable and desimockable.
    I run 2.0.1 on my 2G iphone in France. I use SFR and not ORANGE (which is the Apple blessed carrier).
    I used Pwnagetool 2.0.2 to upgrade and unlock my phone.

    Please check you facts before making statements … you should realize many people watch your episodes and count on you for advice.

  14. LordOfFlies says

    About NetShare…….. ssh into uour phone, navigate to /application foler
    copy the NetShare.app folder

    Restore an iphone or use a different iphone and ssh into that. Copy paste the NetShare.app folder into /application folder.Go into the netshare.app folder and select all and set permission to 0755 and it should work.

    You cant uninstall the app the normal way you uninstall appstore apps with the little X button but u can uninstall with ssh

  15. I just upgraded to 2.0.1 using winpwn and I noticed that I can’t use some of the things in customize that I could before I upgraded(like some badges and icons, etc..) Is this because they are not(don’t know if i’m saying this right) ported to the new firmware or is this from a bad restore? any help would be greatly appreciated….thanks

  16. wow that was pretty quick! i was thinking its gonna take another month for a video to come! :) but yay lol

  17. I dont use the itunes back up any more it just brings all the bugs back to the system… but u can ssh and get all your info manally… like your text and contacts and basically every thing (if anyone wants to know how just leave a comment)

    • Where do I SSH to backup my contacts, texts, notes, camera roll, bookmarks and settings. Thanks

    • /private/var/mobile/Library they are all in there ( well except the camera roll for the u need to go into media (/private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE)
      if u need anything else just let me know.

  18. im sorry but u guys are worng. I on 2.0.1 and Im unlocked. (tmobile usa)

  19. Andy Zuniga says

    wow, i commented on the “episode 9” post saying “its been 2 weeks!!”..and then the new one comes out..lol

    good consistency!

  20. DJContagious says

    hah that blooper was funny, brooke looked at you like “what is his problem???” lol, great episode, IM HOLDING YOU ON THAT 2 WEEK PROMISE!!!!!

  21. hey Doug what is the link for that web app for the Google different language translator?

  22. Anyone have an idea how i can find netshare? I usually dont ssh apps so i have no idea where to look, any help is appreiciated(wow thats not spelt right), thanx

  23. Thanks guys! Great vid.

  24. Oh, and btw, I think Phelps broke the world record by about 10 seconds. Pretty amazing stuff.

  25. Doug you wanted another olypmics tracking site…nbcolympics.com has a nice web iphone interface to track the olympics. It looks a lot like the other web app you showed but slightly cleaner…check it out.

  26. ahah i’ve been asking for days and days to Doug about the 1st gen’s unlocking situation and he answers everyone but me :)

  27. NorthViking says

    What can I say.. Brooke is beautiful! Nice one Doug :-)

  28. Hi Guys,
    I like these podcasts, and hope you don’t mind some constructive criticism. There are a few things you mention that you seem to either not understand, or haven’t researched enough to be publicly announcing to such mass numbers. First of all, the unlock for the first gen phone, about which I digress because you edited the post above the video. Secondly, NetShare, although breaks AT&T’s rules, does not technically break any an AppStore rules. There are other carriers that support the iPhone, where tethering is not against the rules – hence it was accepted by Apple.

    Other than that you guys are great, a little rusty on organization, but thats kind of your style :P. Keep up the good work.

  29. LOL loved the blooper!!!

  30. YAY 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. i think i have bricked my iphone i upgraded to 2.0 and after using it for a little while the screen just faded to white and then went black and now wont turn on is there anything i can do to fix this. email me


  32. Alex Anderson says

    Hey Doug and Brooke! When is episode 11 coming?

  33. when is episode 11 u guys r the best