Koi Pond 2.0

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

Koi PondI used to have a pond at my old business and I loved it. Customers always loved feeding the Koi and letting them bite their fingers. I would work on it a lot, changing the plants and waterfalls and collecting different Koi. This application has lots of these features, on an iPhone of course.

The graphics are done well and there a lots of features and choices. First, you can touch the water and it will ripple in response. The fish will also swim away. You can shake the iPhone and it will feed the Koi. Then they will come out and eat up the food. There are also sound effects, done nicely. You can turn them off or layer different sounds like water, birds, frogs and bugs. These can be changed by tapping in the bottom right corner. There are also other settings there like amount of fish and lily pads, and the color of the water and you can even switch it to night mode.

Tapping in the left corner will give you some visual instructions. They show that shaking the iPhone feeds the Koi and holding your finger on the screen and waiting gets the Koi to nibble on your finger. I think it should vibrate when they bite. I was expecting it do to that but it doesn’t. You can also tap and drag around the lily pads.

This app is great for entertaining kids and also looks great while your iPhone is docked charging. It’s available in the App Store for $0.99 and at the time of this writing this article it was the #1 paid app.

Click here to download Koi Pond via the App Store.

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  1. hey doug or brooke, read this………
    i know how to put an mp4 onto winterboard and make it a vwallpaper
    First, you want to get the mp4 u want (has to be mp4)
    and then you connect via ssh
    after that, go to library/themes/
    and then make a new folder called “Video”
    go into the new folder and put your mp4 file in there
    you’re not done
    rename the mp4 file to “Wallpaper.mp4″ and make sure you capitalize Wallpaper and Video
    after you renamed it to Wallpaper.mp4 go into winterboard on your iphone or ipod and check video and remove any other theme that involves a wallpaper on the springboard.
    press home, let it respring, and there u go!!!!!!!

    • This has been done already. Many times. It’s really not that hard with WinterBoard.

    • I’ve heard about this and tried it before it worked but the motion was a little messed up. It would go at regular speed then pause then go at double speed then pause. I tried it again after i read your post and does the same thing. I’ve tried different mp4’s but same thing…any fix for this??

  2. William Shewfelt says

    This is a fun toy! That’s all I have to say.

  3. the last update also included a new fish.

  4. I want this only for something to do while bored at work. I love water as well so watching this would just be so fun and really cool. It would be great if it played some nice soft music as well. I’d love to have this playing for when I try to go to sleep.

    • Just start your music choice first then go to Koi pond you can adjust the volume of the sound effects in the koi menu. I fall asleep really fast with the rain and a little music