woot! 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

wootBefore I write anything I must warn you that this app is not developed by Woot.com. Next, if you don’t know what woot is, check them out. They sell one per day at bargain prices until it’s sold out. This app brings the the items main information up without visiting the site. You can see a picture, title, prices, shipping price and condition. It will also tell you if the item is sold out. There are three buttons at the bottom: I Want One!, View Description In Reader and View Web Site. They all open web address from a built in browser.

You can also change the settings to show shirt.woot.com and wine.woot.com products. Then on the main screen you can swipe left and right to view the three site products. They are all laid out the same way. Also, in case of a Woot-Off (where they change the product once it’s sold out) you can set it to auto refresh and choose alerts of vibrate and play sound.

Having half of the apps function open in a browser defeats the purpose of the app. It also doesn’t show all the info. When you tap on description it brings up an RSS style page and doesn’t have all the info. This app is ok but for $0.99 it should be better.

Click here to download woot! via the App Store.

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  1. hey guy just wondering where iphone 101 ep 11 is, oh and why have you only been posting 1 post a day

  2. Great news for us Woot addicts! Thank you, Woot, for my Tivo, tool kit, weather station, Sansa player…………and don’t forget about the bags of crap!!! :-)


  3. I knw its off topic but WINPWN 2.5 IS OUTT!! WOOHOO!! it works great!!

  4. Five Doc Icon updated! Must update Substrate Mobile first. Just a heads up for anyone that would like to use this.

  5. Also there is an update of Trism.. Check that out!