Cycorder 0.9-4 Update

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

CycorderThe expected update is now out for Cycorder which includes audio. I tried it out this morning and the audio quality is really good. There’s a list of other updates in the change log in Cydia like colorized navigation buttons and minor badge fixes. But a really nice feature update is TV out supported playback. I assume that this means if you use the iPhone or iPod Touch TV Out Adapter from Apple that you can watch your videos from Cycorder on your TV. Another added feature keeps your iPhone from autolocking during recording.

Overall a very nice update and great quality. Now there just needs to be features to email or send to YouTube and it will be perfect! Leave your comments below on what other features you’d like to see

Remember, you can download the videos from your iPhone in the /private/var/mobile/Media/Videos folder via SSH.

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  1. Wow. This update simply does not work. The first 30-second clip I recorded went into the “finalizing” stage for 30 more seconds before I force-quit the app. The second time I tried to record a 30-second clip, it would not stop recording no matter how many times I hit the “stop” button. I finally had to force-quit again.

    Honestly, I had high-hopes for this app, but I would rather not have sound than have my phone lock up every time I use it.

  2. On the other hand, it works fantastically for me…

    This is great timing, as we’re headed to the beach tomorrow, and I can now record the entire trip WITH AUDIO!

    Thank you!

  3. Great fetures has been added in this version.

    What I would really like from Cycorder, is that videos are include in DCIM, so when you connect it to your PC or MAC, you can import videos like you do with photos

  4. This update works great for me too. No problems with the phone locking up or anything. I hope they don’t change to a more compressed format later. I know the files are a little big, but you can do so much with them the way they are now. For those of you that have a mac and hate SSH, you can install Netatalk and your phone will show up like any other mac on the network. Then, you can easily get to your videos.

  5. Great update. Just to be a little greedy, I would love to see advanced features like brightness control, volume amplification, video resolution, video quality, or audio quality… I also agree with Doug, a feature to upload to YouTube or send via e-mail would also be great…. Other than that, great update!

  6. This looks great!
    Is it only for 2.x firmware?

    And a question that maybe someone might be able to answer me :
    Both Cydia and Installer haven’t been updating the latest packages for me. They refresh sources fine, but just don’t seem to list the latest releases.

  7. cool thanks..

  8. Update works great for me, yay for having sound now!

  9. A Great app which is even more greater now :D

    Had no problems what so ever.. recorded a clip for 5 mins & it finalized within seconds … “best” app so far

  10. Hi,

    Anyone know if there are any limitations in this app?
    e.g 30 sec max, watermarks, advertising, beta app timeout.
    I used to use Sketches but this kept stopping as the Beta date finished which was annoying although I appreciate it was free.
    I currently use iPhoneVideoRecorder and this looks far superior in quality.
    I don’t however want to lose any functionality at the present time though I’m happy to pay for this app like IVR.


  11. Yeah, the “finalizing” step shouldn’t lock up your entire phone… The next version is going to do away with that step entirely. (Personally, I /hate/ waiting for videos to finish, I hated minutes for iPhone Video Record and I hate the second and a half I now have in Cydia. Hence why I still care even though people are saying things like “in only seconds” ;P.)

    What happened is that I wrote Cycorder to use the Audio Queue API and didn’t realize until I was entirely done that this isn’t designed for real time recording… you get buffers every second or two for the last segment of sound. So, if you hit stop, and immediately stop recording you lose the last second of sound :(. I therefore stop recording the video and hold the audio channel open until I get enough packets to resynchronize with the video channel.

    I /also/ have a bunch of mostly working prototype code for using the more realtime Audio Unit API (which should let me drop the “finalizing” time down to “close to immediate”, this will also fix the speed of the MiB remaining display), but I really wanted to get Cycorder+Audio out into the hands of users ASAP so I just went with “finalizing”.

    • Great work with this app.
      Any chance you could let me know answers to my questions in the above post.
      Interested in your plans.

  12. How do I get this on my jailbroke iphone 3g?
    I have cydia and Installer 4 installed on the phone, but when I nagivate to “featured packages > Cycorder … I get this message:

    “Cannot locate package, the package cycorder cannot be found in your current sources. I might recommend installing more sources.”

    anyone can help me resolve this issue.


    • go to the section tab and look for repositories and install whatever source you want ( availble there) that way you’ll have more packeges available to download!

  13. This app is awesome, no problems with it so far videos save instantly no need to encode anything and play back works great too sound is awesome to make this app perfect though adding facebook and youtube upload options would make this godly! and email!

  14. Great sample video! Cute interaction with your child. That’s what most of my videos will include. The addition of audio now makes this a must-have on my iPhone. Both of you keep up the good work! …and Brooke too :)

  15. I’m srry what im about to say is waaay off topic
    today i gave my apple ID to a friend of mine..he was able to use it and download free apps as he doesn’t have a credit card…when he tried downloading super monkey ball (which i previously downloaded) and app store told him that he had previously downloaded and he got it for FREE!!! isnt that considered to be a security flaw?

  16. im i the only one who have noted that even if u lock ur phone this app still recording :D OMG this is great =P of course it is still recording while ur on springboard =D

  17. I just tested out this App….the thing is u have to turn the phone horizontally and record videos in landscape mode…unlike videorecorder u can set it up the way u want to hold the phone vertical or horizontal…
    As to sounds and vieo’s reason able..:-)…i didn’t got it locked up on me yet…

    • Quality is “Reasonable”? Are you kidding me? Its 10x better than that craptastic video recorder.

  18. this is iPhone video recorder killer app! It’s great! Love the sound!

  19. maybe now ill jailbreak my 3g.
    but we all know 2.1 is coming in like a few days.
    so there wont be a point as i want all the new features. ill just wait till 2.1 comes out and then the jailbreak for that.
    then ill get this app.

  20. hw to dwload it? I can’t c it at all.

  21. This app is awesome. I was happy with the no sound version because the quality is superb!! On my wishlist would be a framerate control to get 29 or 30fps and opt to stream (and save) to laptop. (think flixwagon, but bettere) :)

    Thanks for filling the gap Apple left.

  22. hey guys im using iphonevideorecorder 3G and i would like to import some videos to my pc. does anyone knows how to do that. thank you

  23. steve anderson says

    again without the problem below solved most of us are buggered installing apps of cydia

  24. Great job guys.
    The video and audio quality is awsome. But there is only one bad aspect yet. The audio is very silent. An audio booster would bec great which amplifies the audio. (Probably configurable through a settings window).

    Greets Daniel

  25. I don’t know if anyone knew this but I was playing with the Cycorder and found out that if you don’t stop the recording and exit out of the application it will keep recording! When your back at the home screen there will be a “REC” bubble next to the Cycorder icon. Pretty nifty! Oh yeah, check out CYDIA… the iPhone now has haptic feedback when you type on the keyboard with the help of KEYVIBE. Works great!

  26. iPhonehomeJunkie says

    WOW! Video WHOPPER Power! If anyone here needs iphone-ipod troubleshooting answers to anything let me know!

  27. Hey,

    indeed a good news for having audio with it.

    by the way, any possibilities to use the phone to email the video directly to friend instead go thru tedious way via winscp.


  28. ScooterMagoo says

    I Just downloaded the update and noticed that the settings have been taken off. I liked being able to choose the frame rate. Is that coming back Mr Saurik? Oh yeah, I too would like for the sound to be amped up while recording. That would make it top notch…..

  29. Kevin Campbell says

    Where are the video files that you record stored on the iPhone ?

    • Hi,

      As advised in the original announcement :-

      “Remember, you can download the videos from your iPhone in the /private/var/mobile/Media/Videos folder via SSH.”


  30. Dear Jay Freeman, I don’t know what we would do without guys like you man. Thank you so much for your work on this and everything you gifted for us so far.

    My best regards,

  31. I have the 0.9-5 update and I have no sound???!

  32. how about cycorder working on firmware 2.1??? anyone has installed it??

  33. I love this program, and the sound works great. A digital Zoom would be great also…

    How do I get the videos off my iPhone to my computer? Maybe, I am a bit brain-dead this morning, but I can;t figure it out.

    any help would be great.

  34. Hey may sound like a stupid question, but when i SSH into my iphone entering this on my mac terminal:
    ssh root@my ip
    I enter alpine at one point for the PW (still have to figure a way to change that but i will look on another forum for that :-)

    I cannot see the folder

    I presume that i don’t have the root priveleges and am unsure how to get em.

    Iphone 3g used pwnage 2.0.3 i believe.

    Anyone got any suggestions?

    • i have the same problem. i can’t seem to be able to connect to iphone. using mac pro w airport extreme w wpa2.

  35. Yep… could be great…. except that I get no sound. If I SCREAM at the iPhone during recording, I get an audible distortion during playback but that’s it.

    iPhone 3G 8Gb OS 2.1 Cycorder 0.9-5,

  36. Cycorder 0.9-5 is already available for quite long! Don’t know what’s new?! Anyway, the app is great!! I don’t have to spend money for that crap Video Recoder^^ Digital zoom might be a good idea? May be later:D Enough for now:)

  37. Awesome app. I got it to work on first install and with netatalk I can actually wirelessly download my videos to my computer. From there you can do anything. The only thing i got is to be able to send videos to friends via email through this app but that is a smile complaint. For now i can live with.

  38. Man, this appa is great but i have the finalizing problem some one mention before, is juts when you stop recording get like frezze saying finalizing and you need to quit the cycorder app and qhen you get in again the video you recorded doesn´t show up.

  39. any solutions?

  40. that kid is adorable!

  41. We should be able to tranfer video files within the iphone to other apps like video safe.

  42. ok vou conferir

  43. Can anyone help me? I cant import my pc the videos that I record???