Let’s Rock Wish List

appleApple is having a huge event at at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday. There are rumors from new Nanos, MacBooks, the longed for tablet and even an update to Apple TV with an HD Tuner, Blueray and DVR (yeah right). We’re gonna stick to the iPhone and iPod here which is still a lot of info.

So far rumors include firmware 2.1. What will this include? Copy and Paste? Background notification service such as instant messaging we’ve seen in previewed in other keynotes. The iPhone itself most likely won’t get any upgrades. If anything it would be colors or capacity changes. The big deal is probably the iPod Touch. Changing to a look like the iPhone and adding a couple features like external speakers or mic is my guess. I’d also hope for a camera, GPS, Bluetooth, volume controls, etc, just like the iPhone. Basically and iPhone without the Phone. I know this would be huge! I know a couple friends that bought the 1st Gen iPhone just to jailbreak it and use it without service to get the camera, mic, speakers, etc.

Biggest news of all? Price drop for the iPod Touch. I’m guessing $199 for smaller capacity and $299 for larger. Even if Apple is losing on this, they will gain back profit on applications sales. If turn by turn GPS comes to the touch, they will sell like crazy for $199. Let us know in the comments what you’ve heard and keep a look out tomorrow as we’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest info.

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  1. Yes, thanks for the info doug. I visit you guys site at least twice a day…..long live the iphone.

  2. i saw the design at ilounge.com and according to that they didnt put in a microphone (as far as i know) as well as no camera, but they do have external volume controls which i thought was really useful

  3. I don’t think that apple will put gps on the touch because it would require a service fee.

  4. William Shewfelt says

    This is EXACTLY what I want!!!!!

    I will be at school tomorrow, but during break….I’M PULLING OUT MY iPod touch and checking what happened at the event!

  5. The Touch also couldn’t have GPS without having some kind of receiver in it…you’d think for all that trouble they’d make a phone out of it…wait…they already have that! Lol
    It WOULD be nice to see it with stereo speakers though.

  6. CANT WAIT!! Im in aussi but i still stay up till 1 am and or later to watch these meetings

  7. Christian Sørup says

    I’ve heard several rumors about all this … Macbook should go aluminium , the nano should go back to the taller and more narrow look , like the old one , with that being said , with slight design modification . More rounded edges and such , and of course ; new colors !

    I highly doubt that the touch will get the GPS … but who knows ? – We’ll see later on :p

  8. I want all those things plus I wish it came in white like my 5th gen video iPod! Anyway, I hope we get what we want (probably not happening but can’t hurt to dream) and I’ll check back after the event.

  9. I have to agree with u guys i very much doubt that it will have gps since its an ipod y would u even need it. oh and congrats on the baby good luck. u’ll need it.

  10. I’m almost 100% sure the touch won’t have gps because it still would need some sort of Internet connection. So what r u going to be next to a hot spot to use your gps! U might as well just use the wifi location.

  11. So i have a question…i have a 3g iphone, i jailbroke it…can i undo that? i am thinking that if apple releases soem good features on the 2.1, i might want to reset it to factory settings…can i just hook it up to itunes and reset? OR will it brick it?


  12. yes lets rock my clock says its twelve! i live in tennessee