Info From Apple’s Let’s Rock Event

AppleHere’s what we know so far from today’s event that effects iPhones and the iPod Touch.

– There are now 3,000+ applications in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch

– New iTunes 8: Genius Feature (music recommendation)
– New Nano (buy here), has iPhone’s Accelerometer (shake to shuffle), Multiple Colors (Bright blue, purple, orange, green, pink)

– New iPod Headphones including controls and microphone (possible works with iPod Touch), also new in ear headphones
– New iPod Touch (buy here), thinner, stainless steel, built in volume controls, built in speaker, Nike+ built in.

– Users have downloaded 100 million apps from the App Store in 60 days
– New Games for the App Store: Real Soccer 2009 (installing now, download here
icon), Need for Speed: Undercover (not available yet :()

– New iPod Touch Pricing: 8GB, $229, 16GB for $299, and a 32GB for $399
– New 2.1 Firmware, First-gen iPod Touch owners get a free update from 2.0, but if you haven’t, it’s $9.95 to 2.1 from 1.x.
– 2.1 firmware for the iPhone: Bug fixes: Fewer dropped calls, big battery life improvements. No crashes with Apps. Backing up is faster. Won’t be out until Friday.

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  1. Wooooooh yeah lets rock this joint. :P

  2. where r u guys getting this is there a video?

  3. yeah in-ear buds

  4. 100 million apps in 60 days downloaded from the app store

  5. 8GB is $229, 16GB is $299 and 32GB is $399

  6. 2.1 software update that “fixes lots of bugs.” Significantly improved battery life, fewer call drops, crashing problems, increased speed for iTunes backups and various other fixes.

  7. Hmm new ipod 32gig $399.00
    old ipod 80gig 250.00

    is that pricing right

    seems like they are really high on this new ipod

  8. Ohhh thats for the Ipod touch 32gig $399.00

    that makes more sense

  9. awwww its over.
    epic fail for apple

  10. wheres the turn by turn or the push notificatons or even copy n paste darn u steve jobs

  11. It won’t be out until Friday? Well, as soon as someone finds it, post the link beforehand, lol. You know, like how FW2.0 was usable three days before that 3G iPhone launch Friday? I just can’t wait for faster syncing and no crashing. I know its three days away, but if I have to wait more than one, I’m going to throw my iPhone out the window. :D

  12. Did they say when the itunes 8.0 is being release.

  13. y hasnt anybodi said anything about the gps n push notification that was suppose to be on the 2.1 for iphone???

  14. Hurray for updates :D

  15. Just connected my ipod touch to iTunes, and it shows me that a new software is available : 2.1
    But when I try to download, it says that I need to download iTunes 7.7.1 first. I have already so I’m not sure. Anyway, not gonna download until some pwning is out.

  16. AHA, sold my old itouch to a sucker for $200, and im gana go buy this new one tomorrow.

  17. I’m disappointed with that keynote. I think this iPod Touch upgrade was worse than the last iPhone upgrade. … and keep in mind that the last iPhone upgrade had nothing new but a thinner device, a different look on the back, a 3G network, and a new firmware.

    What is Apple thinking? Maybe I’m setting my expectations too high or something… but Apple has just not been wowing me recently. They need to bring some things out that will wow us! I can kind of tell they are holding new, cooler things out for later. I want colors, video recording, and for the iPod touch a backside that won’t scratch up! I want my iPhone or iPod Touch to look as beautiful as those new Nanos.

    For people who love the Nanos, this was a heck of an upgrade. But I’m am into iPod Touch… and I am not so thrilled. Especially since I’ve run out of space on my 16gb iPod Touch and now need a 32gb… $400 is far too much to pay. …and I couldn’t bare using a Classic or Nano. I’ve become so attached to the touch screen!

    Haha… hope most of you agree with my opinions. I’m not trying to put anyone down at all. And I don’t mean to complain. I just love chatting about these things. Apple is amazing. I just am getting a little tired of the same exact device.

  18. Hi brooke and doug
    Listen.. I am having lots of problems after installing itunes 8
    I have a vaio sz series with windows vista home premium. And after i installed itunes 8 (upgraded), all my vaio utilities have stoppe working,, my lan utility is not working, my shortcut buttons are not working .. my laptop is saying that my battery is not fitted properly and all that..
    I uninstalled itunes, and i’m still having the same problems..
    Is anyone else having any problems?
    Any thoughts?

  19. Ya seriously dude… And I think thats what apple wants us to do

  20. for some reason I was look forward to the touch having a camera plus the other updates.i like the speaker when ever I want to show someone a clip on my touch i have to give them my headphones but i don’t think this is enough for me to upgrade


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