September 9th, 2008 Keynote – New iPod Touch

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  1. The built-in speaker and volume buttons, such small changes but still bizarrely making me want to upgrade my Touch. The speaker would be great for games and vids. And the volume buttons are just there to fix what was broken.

  2. Richard Betts says

    Why can’t you view this movie on an iPhone?

  3. ohh man… i’ve got the “old” ipod touch. And i would really like to see speakers on it. Aren’t there any plugins for it? musst be possible or not!? The bad thing a friend has the new ipod touch already….. and i’m crying arrrrrrrrrrr :-(

  4. i have question you thing the new ipodtouch 2g you cant jailbreak

  5. Can you jailbreak this ipod

  6. i have the new ipod touch YAY MEH!