New Poll – What firmware is currently running on your iPhone or iPod Touch?

AiS Now that firmware 2.x has been out for a while and is well past being jailbroke…I’m curious to know how many of you are still on 1.1.4 or below. So, here is a poll about it! :) Mine and Doug’s personal iPhones are on the newest 2.1 firmware (jailbroke) but we have a few test iPhones that are on lower firmwares!

The previous poll was – How are you currently getting apps onto your iPhone and/or iPod Touch (choose all that apply)? Below are the results based on when we added the poll just over a week ago.

* App Store (66%, 1,398 Votes)
* Installer (32%, 670 Votes)
* Cydia (69%, 1,462 Votes)
* Manually (19%, 397 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,119

I’m with the majority on this one. I’m all about Cydia and the App Store. You can still vote on this Poll in our Poll Archive page. You can also vote/view all the past polls on the Poll Archive page as well. Here is the new poll:

Now for the new poll!

What firmware is currently running on your iPhone or iPod Touch?

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  1. Brooke, how are you and Doug on 2.1 jailbroke? I didn’t think you had a Mac. Also are you feeling better now?

  2. Hmm, interesting results from your previous poll :)

    66% + 32% + 69% + 19% = ? :D

  3. we only jailbroke your’s last night cause doug was having problems with iTunes so we couldn’t do his.

  4. poor installer, oh how the mighty have fallen…

    i just jailbroke my iphone 2.1 just for a few apps like quickgold and cycorder

    • Oh yes, you have to have Cycorder. Though, I wish you could upload the videos to YouTube or at least email them!

    • Why not change the folder that Cycorder puts the files to a LINK to a location of another app that can upload to uTube or email?

  5. Everyone on 1.1.4 needs to get with the program and update to 2.1…

  6. RIP 1.1.4
    you were great once …
    we’ll miss you …

    • I really do miss 1.1.4! I know it’s sad…but, I do! Honestly I miss my first gen iPhone. The 2nd gen just doesn’t stand up to the 1st gen!

  7. I’m using still 1.1.4 because many of apps i’m using (and actually really need), didn’t be ported for new FW… So i’m waiting, specially for Mobile Scrobbler (no, I don’t want app, because no scrobbling.)

  8. in my opinion in this new poll about the firmware i think that the option of 2.1 should be alone in order to obtain a more specific results

    – 1.1.4 and below (older)
    – 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2 (previous)
    – 2.1 (new version)

    • Thanks for the thoughts. I did this poll mainly to find out what the readers are using so we can make sure we’re writing about what you want. There really isn’t much happening for 1.1.4 and old installer and by the looks of the poll most have moved up to 2.0+. Maybe next time we’ll break it down to all the firmwares. Keep the ideas coming!

  9. I’m dying for Winpwn, I tried upgrading my jailbroken 2.0.2 by restoring with a custom fw found in the wild, but it wouldn’t work. Now I’m stuck with straightforward 2.1. On the plus side, my custom carrier logo remains and the Stocks icon remains hidden care of Poof!

  10. hi guys i am just confused regd the new 2.0 cause i was using 1.1.4 unlocked/jailbroken..which was workin really gr8…i was using my itrip with it as well…but i upgraded to 2.0 yesterday using Winpwn 2.5 beta its workin fine but now my itrip is not workin with it..i used with my ipod , its still workin on it but when i connect it to my iphone nuthing shows the frequency thats its transferring the music but the music just keeps on playin from the speakers , then after this i played the music before then connected my itrip to it but still no luck….so what should i do , do i need to install sum application for it to work or should i upgrade to 2.01/02…or go back to 1.1.4….pl help……

  11. 1.14 FTW! Still waitin’ on vWallpaper, iToday, LEDBanner, SMSD, Agile Moblie (AIM iN the background), Waves, Screen Snap, ibrate, pool, iBlacklist, voice dial, and Domino!!! Can someone please confirm any of the above!!!

    -sent from my iPhone
    iGet enough exercise just pushin’ my luck!

  12. I’m on 2.1, every one agree this firmware is best and works faster then old 2.0.x and 1.x.x.
    So about intelliscreen u can try beta 8, works great. Beta u can get

    • 1.14 and below is the business! Video backgrounds on both the lock screen and home screen! Video ringtones! Waves! Agile Moble, killin’ the official AIM app because it can run the background! AIM with no multi-task is garbage!!!!!

  13. The last time I tried to Jailbreak, I got a pinapple logo that lasted over 30 minutes and still didn’t boot. I then tried again and got the same problem….not sure why….

    I would definately like to jailbreak again as I miss Winterboard for the background wallpaper on the main screen…not just the lock screen….how lame. I also miss the Video Recording from Cycorder…What an Awesome FREE App.

  14. Rajesh Mehrotra says

    Hi All / Douglas ,
    Does anyone use Spring Dial and do u know if it is avail on 2.1 in the apps store or Cydia ? ? or anywhere else

  15. I update to the latest firmware as soon as QuickPwn/PwnageTool is released. I updated to 2.1 the day it was released.

    I always stay updated with the latest firmware.