Favorite WinterBoard Themes

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WinterBoard Ok, here is the deal. I’m dieing for a sweet WinterBoard theme. There are new themes in Cydia everyday but, I cannot seem to find one I like lately! Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite WinterBoard themes are!!

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  1. Whoo I’ll get it right this time.

    Here is a list of my fave themes, most coming from the guys over at MacThemes (even contributed the odd icon or two myself)

    Aquaticus 2
    Buuf 2
    Gradiance v1 & 2
    Notes ‘n Things
    Radiance 2
    Tenuis (newly released and is just sweet)

  2. HEY!!

    Leaf theme ROCKS!!!

    Only try it, you will stack on it! SURE!


  3. Ricardo Felix says

    1.- Tenuis
    2.- Deep
    2.- Agua

    • hey for tenuis how come it is this really weird background its not like the usual one they hav in pictures?

  4. Leaf theme! i love it

  5. Porsche one is dope, 2Pac one is not bad at all. I think developers definitely need to put my time and thoughts into the themes that they are making, need some depth and better graphics(most definitely)… Just a thought

  6. Wall-E looks very neat… it’s not about the movie, its just inspired by it..

  7. I use this theme too!!

    I used it on my itouch version 1.1.4 and now using it on itouch version 2.1


  8. Hey all, i use ATouchOfClass its pretty nice, but i cant find Agua .. Is it in the standard Cydia, or do i have to add a source? And what is the MacThemes2’s source name?
    Thanx ..

  9. mattmann95 says

    these are the two i like trama and woodenREALIZE

  10. I can’t choose between

    1. I storm
    2. Buuf 2
    3. Cyborg gold
    4. vending machine
    I’m thinking about the vending machine because i love my food

  11. 12345678 says

    I personally like the alienware theme, cant remember full name

  12. Could someone list a few good sources for these themes? I cant find iglassol anywhere….

  13. 1. Smoog
    2. iGlassSol
    3. MonoChrome Aqua

    And make sure you get font swap or system font because the default font is so cruddy…

  14. Ok lets set this straight, these themes are awesome:
    2.Eraser 2
    3.Abstract Explosion (this theme is probably the best, but youll need to add all cydia souces, because it isnt from one of the default sources. BUT BELEIVE ME IT IS WORTH ITT!!)
    4.Vista Mobile
    5.Leopard Theme
    6. Shelves theme. (like iwood realize, but without the ispazio watermark and the stupid leaf things.)

  15. how do you get five apps at the bottom part? :(

  16. Uhhh is it Customize?? Im not sure..

    I like:

    Stereos Leopard
    Wooden Realize
    Buuf 2

    I want some good ones like those ones.. Someone help me out..

  17. If you are looking for somehing kind of hi tech or buissnessy then i would go with Ielegance (srry for spelling) its GREAT

    • Agree! except i dont like that you acnt see the time on the top status bar when browsing or on a call. It also kind of freezes my phone and the battery life is a weird number 8235123412%????

  18. babyphat is hot!

  19. i love the rainbow apple theme its so original and looks really good but some icons dont get made apples so its annoying

  20. Best theme in Cydia to date is Buuf2. It has 500+ icons and is very complete. The only problem about it is on the lockscreen the slider says “Buuf2” and all my friends that gop on my iPod always ask me what that means and i have no idea. But overall it has soooo many icons. almost every game on all my 4 pages of games has a new icon to go with that theme.

  21. iNav rocks…takes awhile to setup but it turns your phone into something completely different.

    • Ivan Hall says

      This is a variant on INav called isatin carbon I’m runnin on my 3gs 3.1.3 , it’s pretty customizable n all icons in dock n home page r hot links to the appropriate page, got catagoriesSB now which is intergrated into the SB , which juz completes the pakage!

  22. Alit is awesome…

    It skins ALL your icons


    thats how

  24. matttttt555666 says

    buuf2 the only one i like. so many icons are customized!!! so much effort

  25. Is there anyway of making the springboard one of your own pictures from the camera roll?

    • iTouchedYou says

      Have you tried taking a photo, putting user wallpaper on in WB, then setting the photo as your wallpaper?

  26. callum low says

    my dick is 2 centremetres

  27. Touchofanatic says

    Assassins creed ll

  28. iPod geek says

    Black Phoenix…
    Real cool theme

  29. I don’t have a theme,it slows your iPhone/iPod down…
    Other than that I like stereos leopard :)
    and the bioshock 1 & 2 theme

  30. zachary gracey says

    get vwallpaper its so cool ur background is a video

  31. I Like LeoWin, Blue Matrix Theme, Tenuis too, Alit, ultimate Chrome :)