iPhone Coming to Sprint and Verizon?

Apple There are rumors that Apple has been in some negotiations with Verizon about bringing the iPhone to their network in 2009. 9to5Mac has a list of nine reasons on why this might just be true including recent job postings for EVDO and CDMA Engineers on Apple’s website. Check out the complete article HERE on 9to5mac.com.

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  1. DJContagious says

    wow, thats HUGE news! I’m sure the iPhone would takeover the entire cell-phone business if it was to expand, and this would be GREAT news, since a lot of people i know have Sprint (and some have Verizon, but not a lot, lol)

    • iDoubt iT! The G1 Android will be the new iT!
      While the iPhone iS great, i’M sick of ownin’ two (2) phones because the iPhone lack basic features such as mms, copy paste, video record, etc! Rather than Apple releasin’ a excellent do-iT-all phone, they rather take baby steps and make millions along the way. i’M sick of tryin’ to keep up with the latest gadgets!

      -sent from my iPhone
      iGet enough exercise just pushin’ my luck!

    • the only main difference between the Android and the iPhone is that the Android is like a pre-jailbroken iPhone with a physical keyboard. i lik apple and everything, but theyre tyranny over the iphone makes me just jailbreak and be done with it. im not sure the android will do so well….

  2. Here is an article that counters that rumor:


    • That also is a rumor. It’s always been “multi” years, and no one knows or cares to share when the deal terminates. So your rumor doesn’t actually counter this rumor. Just provides a different tangent.

  3. Apple has also changed how you buy an iPhone and how it is setup. The new way I find is much better.


  4. This rumor is most likely false. Don’t get your hopes up. This isn’t the first time this “wishful thinking rumor” has circulated; it’s probably not going to happen.


  5. does anyone want to play Apple’s newest game, iMONOPOLY. the point of the game is to have an iPhone on every network before anyone else…lol, apple is one smart cookie!

  6. and what about the exclusive at t deal

  7. Finally! I was hesitating to switch to AT&T because a single plan costs as much as the family plan I have at verizon, hopefully iPhone does come to verizon

    • The only reason iLike AT&T iS because of rollover! iHave the cheapest plan 450 min/200 text for $59.99 and so far iHave 2,000+ rollover minutes. iTalk, but iHave 2 (Helio Ocean ready to be replaced by SE Xperia X1) phones seein’ that the iPhone doesn’t have basic features!

      -sent from my iPhone
      iGet enough exercise just pushin’ my luck!

    • that’s cool, i like rollover too its a neat idea but, i love having unlimited texting and more than enough minutes for the family (4) for $100.

    • That is a pretty good deal. When I was shopping around for new service, I very much wanted AT&T but I went with sprint. I have the 450 Everything Messaging Plan. It includes 450 anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends (nights start at 7pm), unlimited web, unlimited text, and unlimited mobile to mobile which means I can talk to anyone on their cell phone for free. With that I never have to worry about going over my minutes.

  8. Phil, Washington DC says

    If Verizon gets the iPhone then its a no brainer..I will switch to the superior service..”Can you hear me now? Good”


  9. Read about this in IPHONE RUMORS blog this is a nonsense story. IPHONE has a contract with ATT which runs through 2012.

    If Verizon is to sell the IPHONE it will be in 2012.

  10. on my at t family plan with my og iphone, i pay 20 for data, 10 for a division on 5000 mins, and 5 for unlimited text. 35 for month unlimited data, text, lots of minutes, rollover, free m-m

  11. Well, as long as AT&T has their mitts on the Iphone I won’t have one. Wouldn’t go back to that for anything, not even the super phone. And Sprint’s CEO just shot himself in the foot by dissing Android. Sorry, that’s terribly short-sighted. Android and Linux mobile will eventually take over the phone market.

    Apple’s having it’s day in the sun right now, and their operating system is probably very good. But the Mac operating system is also very good, but it very quickly got eclipsed by an OS with marketing. And that marketing is finally getting buffeted by the open-source crowd.

    Used to be the guy with the most apps wins. But now, it’s the guy who makes the most apps conveniently available. And Apple is doing a great job with its App Store. Yes, there are probably many more Symbian and WinMobile apps than Apple will ever have, but for sheer marketing expertise that App Store is going to be hard to counter. Let’s see what Google does. I think that last phrase is a trademarked term in most tech companies.

  12. drpepper1106 says

    if the iphone goes to verizon and\or sprint it will be HUGE!!!!!!

  13. iphone will not stand the test of time. If its true that it may go to CDMA in 2012 it will be just as irrelevant as it is now. Maybe more. Apple is nothing more than a marketing machine. they have nothing original and they contiually screw their loyal customers.
    Theyre the only comapy I know of that sells you the same product over and over. How many iPods and iPhones will people buy before they realize apple could have add those features years before the release? I think apple hit theyre peak. They better do something amazing before Microsoft crushes them again.

    I like Apple, but lets be logical here.

    Oh yeah theyre stock sucks too, no dividend? are you kidding steve jobs?

  14. When will this magnificent plan roll over to AT&T?

  15. SPRINT will get it because they got talk and text unlimited for 69.99 VERIZON just unlimited text for 69.99 AT&T again only unlimited text for 69.99. ++++++SPRINT has 4G speeds and the only one that has 4G speeds