Survey of High School Students and the iPhone

I found this to be an interesting article by It seems there was a recent poll of High School students and the iPhone (along with other Apple products). The survey was taken “over the last few weeks — while the global financial markets were melting down.” Below are the results. But, you will want to check out the full article HERE.

    • 8% own iPhones, up from from 6% in Spring 2008.
    • 22% of students surveyed expect to buy an iPhone in the next 6 months, up from 9% in Spring 2008.
    • Of students expecting to buy a mobile phone, 33% specified an iPhone.
    • iPod market share rose to 84% from 82% in Fall 2007.
    • Of the 40% of students who legally purchase music online, 93% said they use iTunes (up from 79% in Fall 2007).

Check out the full article HERE.

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  1. so ppl do purchase music legally…

  2. the amount of iphones/itouches is rediculous at my school, out of 120 kids, at least 30 have itouches and 15 have iphones, but there all newbs!

    • ipod touch. not itouch. they’re 2 different things… and youre calling others newbs… how sad…

  3. tons of people in my school have an iphone. if i had to estimate: around 45%
    i actually worked to pay for my phone and take care of it better then most.
    so dont judge =p

  4. hahahahaha only 40% claim to download legally, and im betting at least half of them lied…. “I download illegal music” is not something you say to anyone….

  5. I can’t believe so many kids have an iphone. If you read the full survey though, you will realize it was carried out in a pretty rich neighborhood. I’d like to see the results of the same survey in South Central…

  6. check out that link for a cool article on the appstore about duplicating apps from the original apple products!!!

  7. only 3 of us had iphones senior year… a lot people wanted one but almost everyone had verizon and you cant really just expect your parents to just switch carriers so a lot of people just settled for voyagers or got the ipod touch.