Britekite coming to the iPhone as Application

Available In: App Store, Coming Soon       Price: Unknown  

BritekiteBritekite has been available for the iPhone via a web app but the lack of the location based feature has kept me from using the service. Last I checked, it wasn’t available in the App Store but it should be coming soon. Here’s a list of features and a video preview:

– Auto geo-location including Place Snapping and Pick a Place
– Notifications (nearby friends, posts, friend requests, comments & mentions)
– Posting photos and notes to locations
– Nearby people and activity feed
– Friends lists and activity feed
– People, places and posts search
– Threaded messaging
– Profile streams
– Place steams
– Placemarks
– Commenting on posts

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  1. this site sux! Seems like the topics aren’t as good as other iPhone sites ! Give us topics we care about

  2. I like apps updates here. And the fact that it’s iPhone friendly.

    What other sites are you talking about ?

  3. dougsdsddy says

    yeah this site does suck. Big time!!!!

  4. You spelled bright wrong

  5. It’s out and it’s free. You have to request an invite though.