iRealSMS 2.0

Available In: cydia       Price: Free Demo – $10.00 ERU  

iRealSMS iRealSMS 2.0 is a SMS replacement application. iRealSMS 2.0 adds quite a few features that the stock SMS application does not offer. When you open iRealSMS 2.0, you will get a pop-up saying that you can use the Demo version of the application or the option to purchase the full version for $10.00 ERU. Once you are past the pop-up, you will be on the main page of the application. On the lower menu bar there are four options; SMS, Conversation, Search SMS and Settings. The SMS option will display your Inbox, Drafts, Templates, Outbox and Sent text messages. The Conversations option will display your text messages as conversations. The Search option will allow you to search for a Name or for text within the messages…or both. The Settings option gives you a ton of options. When you select Settings, you will get three main categories; Basic Settings, UI Settings and Advanced Settings. There quite a few options in the settings all of which are self explanatory or are accompanied by a description of what the setting does.

Ok, now lets get into the functionality of the application. In the upper right corner of the SMS screen, there is an icon to create a new SMS. You can either enter the number in which you would like to send the text or choose one from your contacts using the + icon. There is also a menu bar that allows you to turn on/off auto correction. The Insert option on the lower menu bar allows you to insert a contact’s information into the message. Though, I did find that the Cancel option does not work if you select Insert and then decide you do not want to insert a contact. So, you just have to open your contact list and then select Cancel. You are also able to turn your iPhone and write a text via landscape mode. One feature that I really like is that you can write a message select Cancel in the upper right corner and then choose to save the message as a Draft, as a Template (which is a really nice feature) or just delete it.

There are some more nice features in the Conversation option of the application as well. While in Conversations mode, you are able to delete full conversations or if you select a conversation, you can delete individual text messages. Also, if you select a conversation it will bring up a lower menu bar that allows you to call the contact, see the contact’s information, add the number to a contact…etc. I actually really like the UI of this application. Though, I did have it crash a few times on me while I was testing it. Also, if you want to use the application, you really need purchase the full version because you do not get all the functionality of the application with the demo version. I’m not sure I would pay $10 for the app but, let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. it’s a pretty useful app. So… When r u guys doing your next iPhone 101? It’s been a pretty long time since the last one

  2. the new bitesms does pretty much the same thing but one, that is the saving as draft and search feature. but it’s free. so why do you pay for such an app when there are other alternatives that works!

    just my 2 cents.

    • I’ve just installed bitesms – you can’t forward messages on this can you? you can only write messages in landscape mode and it has a counter that tells you how many texts you’re sending.

      Does anyone know of any apps that you can forward sms’s with? As well as have landscape texting and preferebly one that doesn’t cost.

      What other alternatives are out there?


    • i´ve biteSMS, MySMS and iRealSMS 2.0.1 temporary installed.

      after some time i must say, biteSMS is for me the best it works and looks like the Apple App but has landscape, character counter, forward also implemented.

      And the best it´s free

      Send notify is also possible type first in your sms text *N# (or *T# in Germany T-Mobile)

      Why pay for those things?

    • @praj dude, if you see any messages in bitesms that you want to forward, just swipe you fingers on it to the right. and a context menu will pop up asking you if you want to forward or delete that individual message.

      i’m telling you people, you don’t even need to pay for bitesms unlike this irealsms here! who needs “draft” feature? seriously? bitesms is the best sms app for iphone.

    • you can make bitesms your default sms too. when writing a message and you want to insert a contact OR YOUR LOCATION, just swipe on the message box and you can add a contact to your message.

      the magic word of bitesms is SWIPE TO THE RIGHT! amazing app, hands down. and free! what more can you ask for?

  3. the cancel button in insert option work but after a second ;) i have the same but i hit it again and it work

  4. ok I add one more think
    You can add contact number as in normal MobileSMS writing a contact name in to: field
    also there is butild in status notifier icon for new message and one more which show during sending (nice option)
    You can disable this for new Message and one more function You can disable Alarms (no popup window with new message)

  5. I prefer My SMS it works nice for me!!!!

  6. Nice feature rich than most but why pay 10.00 EUR.
    To To Much, when closely matched alternatives are out there.

  7. What’s an ERU? ;)

  8. I like the app. Especially the fact that you can also read the txt in landscape mode, change the backgrounds via winterboard etc. Overall a nice app.

  9. TERRIBLE slow when opening! not worse 10€

  10. Can anyone tell me if this app (or other) will allow you to keep individual messages from the same sender and delete individual messages from the same sender without deleting all messages from a single sender? This is how most traditional phones work and would be nice to not have the conversation mode as the only option.

    • yes it can delete individual messages in both SMS and CONVERSATION mode. there are two types of modes for this app, SMS and CONVERSATION. SMS is the traditional single messages even from one single sender. the CONVERSATION is like the Apple’s built-in SMS app: you’re like chatting because of the the bubbles. anyway, just delete individual messages by swiping to the right and you’ll get delete.

      now unless you’re willing to pay for those feature for $10, or you plan to go and install it using cracked version from “rogue” sites, i don’t know why the hell people are still even looking at this app when you can get free ones that does the same job.

      it’s sluggish, it’s $10 for crying out loud!

      enough said.

    • Yeh you can do this with ireal sms but obviously you gotta pay. If I were you I would download bitesms where you can do pretty much the same stuff but you don’t have to pay.

      With bitesms you can delete individual messages and forward messages too, it also has a counter telling you how many messages you’re sending.

  11. I just purchased irealsms a month ago and now a new one comes out. After contacting the creator i was told that I would have to install and pay for the new version. Kind of a ripp off when they could of put this info out there so that I could have waited. I wont buy the new version and be out a total of 20$. Its a good program but the iPhone world is eating up my gas money….

    • totally agree with you, we are the ones that suffered all the bugs and helped them to make the 2.0 version. Talk about disregarding the ones that helped them get where they are now…….

    • That’s a right bummer, feel for you guys that purchased it before – Get bitesms, it’s pretty decent and free!!

  12. after uninstalling, my iphone wont work, and i have to make a restore

  13. Julio cibrian says

    i purchased for 5€, version 2.0 came out and cost another €5. I waited patiently now it is only 2€ including the new QUICK REPLAY option. This lets you reply to any incoming sms without closing the current app. 100% recommended

  14. Hi ich hab n problem ich hab den installer drauf und ich finde das irealsms nicht! was muss ich thun?

    der ander pinkt ist ich binn aus der schweiz und brauche die äöü funktion viel! ist die auch drin? sowie alle normalen funktionen von der normalen sms-funktion!

    lg, siliexe

  15. can i buy this apps with iTunes Gift card?

  16. i think you guys are missing the point of irealsms. i liked the features when using the demo version. i do not have the real version….it is a bit pricey, and i’m still debating whether i should buy it. mysms and bitesms have comparable features, but what makes irealsms stand out is the fact that you do not have to close your current apps to go into your messaging app. irealsms allows you to quickly reply to a text in a separate window so you can continue working on whatever it is you are doing.

  17. Cloverfield says

    $10 is way to much for such a tool, but the features are so nice!

    Is there a free alternative (biteSMS maybe) who has these features:
    – quick reply (in every application, brilliant feature).
    – character counter


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