txtpedia – Dictionary of Texting, IMing and SMS Abbreviations

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txtpedia We get a ton of emails everyday from developers of applications asking us to take a look at their apps. While I was spending some time going through our emails this app really caught my attention. txtpedia is a very simple application that is basically a dictionary of Texting, IMing and SMS abbreviations. When you open txtpedia, you will notice a search bar and an alphabetical list of abbreviations. You can either search for the abbreviation you are looking for or scroll down through the letters until you find it. Once you have found the abbreviation you are looking for, you can select it to see what the abbreviation stands for. It will also show other possible abbreviations for the same phrase or if the abbreviation can stand for more that one phrase.

You can also use the Flip button in the upper left corner of the application to change the list to phrase view (showing you the phrases instead of the abbreviations). You can then search for a phrase, a word in the phrase or scroll to find a phrase. You can then select the phrase to see the corresponding abbreviation for that phrase.

This is a very simple, but extremely useful application. Definitely one any parent who is a little lost on the texting lingo would want to have handy! Below is the Developer’s definition of the application (I included it because I like it!).

“Txtpedia is the ultimate texting dictionary

You may know what OMG and IDK mean, but what about CYT and WYCM? Txtpedia delivers over 1,500 texting, SMS and IMing abbreviations and their meanings to your iPhone. So if you can’t understand what people are writing, or you’re tired of all that extra typing and want to learn more abbreviations, download txtpedia now!”



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  1. This is a great app. Thanks.

  2. cool

    can i ask u what theme been used in the iphone u put
    i love it .. !

  3. Check out http://www.textapedia.com if you don’t have an iPhone, those guys have a Pocket Guide that’s really cool and handy.

    Go to: http://www.textapedia.com

    – Mark