WinterBoard Mods

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Below are a few WinterBoard mods that have come out recently. There are two themes; My Pink Theme (via iSpazio) and Unreal (via BigBoss). The other mod is a clear lockscreen mod titled Best Clear Lockscreen (via BigBoss). This will make your slider background, keypad background and clock background transparent. It looks really nice if you also have a transparent theme on your iPhone. I’m all about transparent themes though lately I have been very satisfied with the Smoog theme and have been keeping it around. What I would really like is a nice rustic brown theme (I’m feeling winterish). I thought I was going to get that with the FootLight theme (via BigBoss) but, it only modded a few icons and I only really liked the Wallpaper and the Safari, iPod, Settings and Camera icons. All of these mods are activate via WinterBoard. Check out the screenshots below.

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  1. i think the footlight icons are from other themes..its weird cuz i use them in the combined theme i made

  2. Hey guys, that’s my theme. Thanks for the news. I really appreciate :P

  3. hey brooke..what’s the background you’re using in the ‘best clear lockscreen’ screenshot??

    • Here are both of them. You can either save them to your computer and then sync them to your iPhone. Or, if you go to this on your iPhone, you can just select the image and save it to your iPhone.

      Christmas Wallpaper


  4. I love the un-unlockable package on Cydia. I then saw the Best Clear Lock Screen and downloaded it. I then disabled the un-unlockable and activated the Best Clear Lock Screen. Works great except it deleted all my icons on springboard. Tried to SSH to uninstall the theme, same thing. Deleted Winterboard, zip :( Tried looking around in google for a possible fix, nada. Btw, I’m on 2.0.2

    Ended up restoring…in progress

  5. Oliver Ames says

    I will answer some questions about my FootLights theme. I have zero skills with photoshop so I went around and grabbed icons from themes I liked.
    There are not many icons and I hope to fix that with an update coming soon!
    Look for the new FootLights.

  6. Hey, I was just wondering where I can fint the backround to the theme unreal?? One of the best theme’s I’ve seen ever!!=D

  7. hey is it possible to have 2 different lockscreen and “enter-passcode”-screen like u have it on your fotos??
    and how can u make it?

  8. How i can clear lock screen?;/

    I activated on winterboard.
    Close Winterboard.
    And lockscreen norhing changes;/