iPhone 101 – Episode 11

Apple iPhone SchoolAlthough this was recorded in HD, it has been resized and compressed to make it a smaller file size. The file is still large because of the length of the recording. If none of those excuses are acceptable, I blame it on a PC. Someday I will have a mac…

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  1. Paco Flores says

    How can i see this video on my iphone? i just apdated to 2.2 i remember i use to see it on when i have previous versions

  2. When I upgraded to 2.2 firmware I noticed a HUGE improvement on performance on my iPhone 2G and safari being faster and a lot more stable I am totally in love with this firmware update and I do have it jailbroken and running the same apps before so if there was a memory leak problem with a jailbroken app it’s not effecting me now.

  3. btw I find Cycorder is he best recorder for the iPhone video quality is very good and sound quality as well plus to ssh is easy btw for me they save on my mac as a .mov file so not sure why yours are coming up differently but you may want to try VLC player could help you out. I am going to try the video recorder you mentioned seems kinda cool and i’ll see if its worth using more then cycorder =)

    • Doug says he likes Cycorder the best. We do not have any problems sshing off the files for Cycorder it is the livecliq files that are .dat and I can’t figure what to do with them. Do the livecliq files show up as .mov files for you?

  4. Oh I misunderstood I thought you meant Cycorder was not saving as .mov files I haven’t tried the live cliq recorder since for some reason when i type in my token number its saying its invalid lol and I am also testing VideoRecorder 3g which seems interesting since they now have an option to save as .mov but crashes right when i click record hmmm lol

  5. DJContagious says

    lol @ 18:55

    dont wanna blind your audience, do you Doug??

  6. Nice job guys! Brooke: u like to laugh a lot! So do i! hahah :)

  7. DJContagious says

    long show guys! great work, pretty much filled the gap between this one and the last show, :D

    also, do you have a link to that cool Richard800 battery charger? it got my attention, and i wanna check it out some more!

  8. Alex Anderson says

    Holiday gift list is an iphone app like pocket elf but is password protected!

  9. Brooke is pregnant?

  10. Can you please review FASTMAC? http://fastmac.com/iv.php Supposedly has a 3100mAh TruePower Battery

  11. Glad to see this podcast. Been a long time since the last one.

  12. What happend to the web apps? You said on the video time for webapps the little video plays then you stare at the screen for a few seconds and your done.. lol..

  13. Now I just wish I had real broadband here in Madagascar so it wouldn’t take all day to download :-S

  14. Congratulations on your growing family ;)
    You 2 are really sweet and I appreciate your efforts of presenting iPhone news/discussions in a nice and informative way!

  15. u guys are great, keep up the good work and congratulations on your new upcomming firmware(baby).


  16. Wow, I haven’t seen you guys in a long time.

    What exactly is this onea bout?

    Also, why get a Mac? Yeah they are nice and show class (at least to me), but they are overpriced and underpowered.

    Just buy Adobe Premier; it’s the Final Cut equivalent for Windows.

  17. steve anderson says

    congratulations to you both ,i live in the uk apple have told me no street view in the uk with 2.2 but in 4 weeks apple are to release a firmware update to resolve this problem also no publ;ic transport route . i cannot find your latest podcast through itunes on iphone

    • how, cos am in the uk too but I can get street view if I put the pin at places that have i.e America. I think the problem is google haven’t finished doing the street view for the UK.

  18. Does anyone knows when it’s Agile Messenger be available for 3G???

  19. I love you guy’s video podcast! It feels friendly and informative. I’m just wondering though, since you started broadcasting in HD I’m unable to watch this on my iphone 3G. I looked for a way to convert to standard def in iTunes but don’t see the option. Please help? Thanks and keep up the great work!

  20. this is an amazing podcast. you should update. 2.2 is soo much beter than all the others!!

  21. Very nice))

  22. You should totally get a Mac. Drumthrasher sounds like he hasn’t even given mac a chance. Also, it sounds like he doesn’t know that good things have value. Mac’s work, plain and simple. And you can still run windows on them. I switched and I won’t ever get a pc again.

  23. Hey, I just saw this today. I suppose I should subscribe to your pod cast.

    re Pocket Elf: The version you show in the video will actually let you save an individual budget per person. And it will let you track the amount spent per person. But, I’ll admit it is very easy to miss the option to do that. Also, I like that idea about the password protection, and I was planning on implementing it, but I just completely ran out of time to add it to the application before its update. It will be in the next update, when I can devote some more time to Pocket Elf. Unfortunately, it’s low on the priority list right now, after a few other projects I want to finish up.

    Thanks for the mention though! I really appreciate it,

  24. I must still carry out the newest updates. Thanks for this tip.