MyChristmas – A Christmas Collection of Games, Music & More!

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MyChristmasNow that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to bring out the Christmas apps. A lot of the features in this app are basically apps within the app. There are a few countdowns, the eBook “A Christmas Carol”, music & lyrics, games and entertainment. Most are pretty simple but built well with nice design.

Christmas Countdown
A countdown to Christmas. You can choose either a timed countdown or a countdown of nights you’ll sleep until Christmas.

“A Christmas Carol” eBook
An eBook of the story, “A Christmas Carol”. It also has a bookmark feature to keep your spot.

Christmas Carols
A list of 18 different Christmas carols that displays the lyrics of each by tapping on the title.

7 Classic Christmas Songs. They will also play in the background so you can switch back to the lyrics.

2 games: Solitaire with falling snow & a matching game with a Christmas theme.

Musical Bells: Just tap the bells to make them ring. Unfortunatly you can only do one at a time. Mulitouch would be nice.
Snow Scene: Just a black background with falling snow.
Christmas Candle: A looping video of a flickering candle. You can also adjust the zoom level.
Mistletoe: An image of a mistletoe. Tap it to hear a kissing sound.
Christmas Sounds: A picture of Rudolf the raindeer and Santa. Tap on each for sounds.

New Year
Count Me Down To New Year: Like the Christmas countdown, but counts down to New Years.
Auld Lang Syne: Lyrics to Auld Lang Syne
Fireworks: A video of fireworks.


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  1. This is cool. Thanks for telling us about it.

  2. Thanks! Lots of fun but that match game is a little addictive…….beat 17!

  3. Alex (Mexico) says

    I have tha app and I love the Auld Lang Syne song included… can you plis tell me who’s the singer…?