Walmart Selling $99 3G iPhones?

Apple Ok, ok….I can’t take it any longer!! All this talk about Walmart selling a $99 iPhone 3G, I just have to write about it!! It seems that the guys over at TBG have received information that leads one to believe that Walmart might, in the near future, be selling 4GB iPhone 3G’s for $99 (with a 2-year agreement). I will say that the picture of the 3G activation guide with Walmart’s logo on it could be a little bit convincing. Though, I’m honestly in a quandary over this one. Would Apple really start production of a 4GB iPhone 3G when the 8GB iPhone 3G is doing so well? Would Apple really start selling the iPhone at Walmart? And lastly, would people buy an iPhone at Walmart (assuming the monthly plan rates would not change)? I do not have anything against Walmart but, I’m not sure how I would feel to walk by and see my beloved iPhone on display (though, we already see them on sale at BestBuy). I guess we will just have to wait and see…I have given up on trying to guess what Apple is going to do next…they are so unpredictable!! :) Let me know in the comments what you think about Apple, a $99 4GB iPhone 3G and Walmart. Images below.

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  1. when do i buy iphone

  2. Dustin James says

    I work for AT&T as an RSC.

    I know for a fact that Wal-Mart will be selling the iPhone 3G. I do believe that will begin in January, if I remember correctly. We have been having meetings discussing how to improve our sales strategies to keep iPhone sales in Corporate AT&T stores. It is apart of our 4R’s. Revenue intensity.

    However, I refuse to believe that they would be selling a 4GB model. This is not like Apple to go below what they have on the market. It doesn’t benefit anyone.

    The economy is not so unstable that it is keeping shoppers from buying iPhones. Believe me.

    I will say that the iPhone pricing is based on agreements with Apple policies. Wal-Mart is known for having much cheaper pricing on everything… But, iPods, iPod touches.. etc… However, they do usually have better promotions that Corporate AT&T stores… like a better free phone selection. But I would definitely doubt that the iPhone would be sold cheaper, or with smaller memory than that of in any Best Buy Mobility, Apple store, or any AT&T store.

  3. That is just wrong…
    Walmart should stick with selling Chinese product!!!
    iPhone is made in China..

  4. I’ve read that Wal-Mart will be selling iPhones in select stores (750 or so) startig the first part of 09. I had not heard about the 4gig phone…

  5. I wish Apple would hurry up and produce a 32GB iphone 3G and stop worrying about these smaller sizes. I need 32GB of storage darnit!

    • That is what im waiting for. I hope the rumors are true and they will be showing the 32GB and the mac expo.

  6. Dude if u need to carry a 32 GB iPhone, just carry ur laptop.

    • I do carry my laptop around with me everywhere I go for work and I don’t want to take that much time to start it up and and play music for a short period of time or to google a quick item. I would rather take out an iphone and have most of my music(more then 32GB) and listen to a song or two while walking through the airport or something. Right now i only have 1/5 of my music on my 16BG and I would like to have more on my iphone.

  7. or an itouch

  8. Not going to happen.

  9. JOSH iphone cracker says

    I have herd about 32gb iphone 3G going to be anoused some time by apple at some type of event next month january the rumor is that it”s going to be sold unlocked will see!I also herd about 4GB 3g from my cousin in georgia told me earlyer today.His wife works at wallmart .I had forgot to ask if she told him that or did he hear from somewhere else when he gets back to me i will let u guys no?

  10. I don’t know what to think about walmart selling the Jesus phone’! Even though I don’t have anything against walmart either, I think there’s just something about seeing it sold there that takes away from it’s impecable look and nature. That’s how it feels to me anyway, no offense to wally world and all. I also wouldn’t understand why apple would start producing 4G iphones anyway. I agree with the comment above. Our economy in my opinion isn’t so bad that apple would need to do that, or whatever the reason. We’ll c……………

  11. JOSH iphone cracker says

    It”s me again my family member got back to and he did say that his wife who works at wallmart said that management was in a 5 hour negotiation meetings reguarding 4gb 3g iphone.if everthing goes well maybe January.radioshack is pist.because didnt lock the deal.

  12. I have something against walmart: they really mess with local retail economies (google ’em up to see for yourself). they pay most of their employees so poorly they’re a modern day “The Jungle” type company (book by upton sinclair–google that too, for an eyeopener).

    and yet…$99 iphone? yikes! moral dilemma time here!

  13. I don’t like it at all.. I feel like the iPhone has become less unique or lost it’s luster since I heard the wal-mart iPhone deal. I mean that was the great part about the iPhone was that you couldn’t get it everywhere. It wasn’t a Blackberry or a Moto Razr. What is next? iPhone Go Phone sold at wal-mart too?

  14. For someone to go and get a 4GB iphone for 100$ would be a punch in the face. It will just leave them wanting more space. It’s like going a buying a new camera and only getting that little 32MB card to put pictures on. You know you will need to get more space.

  15. I buy it just for the screen mine is cracked i cant find one under $180.00

    • Dustin James says

      Here in Springfield, MO there is a company called Wireless Trends… he fixes them for $100..