Target Application – Easy and Fun Way to Find Gift Ideas!

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Target Ok, I might be slightly bias about this application because I love Target and do a ton of shopping there but, I really like their new application! It is basically an application that gives you gift ideas based on a person’s gender and age.

When you open the app, you will get a nice loading screen and then the main screen (with some cheery jiggle bells that only last a second or two). Ok, from here you will notice the option to choose whether the person you are choosing a gift for is male or female and then you can slide the age bar until you have the age range that person falls into. Once you have selected the gender and age of the person, give your iPhone a little shake. This will bring up a gift suggestion. It will display the title of the gift and the cost of the gift. If it looks like a gift you would like to consider, tap the screen. This will bring up a menu with the options to; add that gift to your favorites, find that gift at a Target store, buy the gift at, start your search over and Cancel.

If you decide to add the gift to your favorites, it will add it into your Favorites list. You will notice a Favorites option in the lower menu bar…when selected, it will display a list of all the items you have favorited. What is really cool is that you can assign the gifts to people. If you tap on a gift, you will get the option to assign the gift to a person in your contact list or a new contact. Then, in your Favorites list, you can select the People option at the top and get a list of the people you have found gifts for and the number of gifts you have assigned to them. You can even tap on their name and see a list of the gifts and whether or not they have been purchased!

The Find a Store option on the lower menu bar will display a list of Target stores that are nearest you…based on your current location. If you tap on a store, you get basically all their information…address (which is tapped will open in Google maps), phone number (which if tapped will call the store), Hours, Pharmacy Phone Number/Hours, Optical Phone Number/Hours, Photo Center Phone Number/Hours and a list of any Additional Services (Starbucks, Potrait Studio…). You can also select the Target icon in the upper right corner at any time to visit the Target website…either the mobile site or the regular site.

Overall, this is a really nice application. It is smooth, has a great user interface and is fun to use. I actually got a GREAT Christmas gift idea while using it!! So, if you are still trying to figure out what you are going to get that person who is sooo hard to shop for…give this app a try!



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  1. this isnt bout the post but i have a question. I downloaded “Stacks”. i LOVE the app but am wondering where in my harddrive will i find it. like in ssh what directory

  2. Nice little application. I like it

  3. hey, i was just wonderin when the update to the site was coming, and if u can could u please add a extra poll answer that says i am not gettin anything iphone related form christmas, anyway cool app and cant wait for site update