WinterBoard Themes

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Below are two WinterBoard themes. iSleek Pro is a unique theme that is available via iSpazio. Amora Renew (via iSpazio) is not a new theme…many of you may remember this theme when it was available for firmware 1.1.4 and below however, this is the first I have seen it available for firmware 2.x. It also comes with an optional cover flow style dock. Though, there is a catch with this theme. Three of the icons are labeled incorrectly in the theme. Which means, you will need to ssh in and change the title of the icons in order for them to display correctly. You can find the icons in the Library/Themes/Amora Renew – Jon&David/Icons folder. You will need to change Pictures to Photos, Videos to YouTube and Appstore to App Store. If you like the theme and are comfortable with ssh…then it only takes a few seconds to fix it. Below are screenshots of the themes.

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  1. iGlassSol is the best by far,these are nothing compare to those

    • Agreed.

      Although, I am currently using Silent Night (it is the holidays after all!) but come December 26th, iGlassSol will resume it’s rightful place as my chosen one, err… theme. Chosen Theme!

  2. This is the wrong place to post this but I never get a response anywhere else.
    I just got a replacement first gen iPhone back from Apple because of a warranty replacement. However, after entering DFU mode starting the restore to my custom firmware, I get the error 21. I have tried everything I know and am getting worried. Please help!

    • What OS are you using? What program are you using to jailbreak/unlock?

    • I am using Leopard with the newest version of iTunes. I am using Pwnage 2.2 and I don’t have the newer macbooks. I googled error 21 and didn’t find anyone else who had this problem!