Letter from saurik

As many of you know, saurik (Jay Freeman) is the developer of Cydia, WinterBoard and Cycorder. He recently responded to a comment informing everyone of what he has been up to, things he is working on for Cydia, WinterBoard and Cycorder and how a few other projects are coming along (iPhone Binary Toolchains, Non-Objective-C Languages). Below are a few clips from his response “letter.” You will want to check out THIS link to read his full response.

“Earlier today, a user known only as “Weak Mind” commented on a post on RiPDev’s blog, attempting to give a more articulate and balanced view of “saurik”. This post was overall very positive, and frankly somewhat touching. I will not deny any of the negatives, but there is one I would like to at least discuss a bit and, specifically, to apologize for.

“he didnt do something he said he would and let a few people down (me included)”

First of all, I’m sorry. I tend to get swept up into a lot of things that I just might not have the time to do. When I try saying “no” I tend to then fall to pressure of the form “but it wouldn’t take long, what we need isn’t hard”.

In my life, the most notable example is my PhD, which isn’t progressing very quickly (often I am just stalling so I can work on more iPhone stuff).

Currently, I am just doing “too much”.”

More WinterBoard Features

The list here is rather long. I get a lot of suggestions for WinterBoard, not all of which are easy, even if they sound like they should or might be.

Here, however, is the current “todo”:

* semi-transparent icons
* winterboard icon labels on top
* add … support for long names
* different icons on and off dock
* style lock screen date/day/time
* lockwidgets to go with widgets
* >8 character FakeCarrierName
* arbitrary icon label positioning
* ability to theme system fonts
* fix video wallpaper looping
* lock widgets during calls…

(Note: this is just for the backend.)

Cydia Fixes & Improvements

I have seriously been working on the next Cydia release now for months. :(

I made a really big mistake of letting a major feature I was working on get leaked (people even ended up with screenshots), and then had to switch tracks on developing it (I was using Google’s App Engine, which has a lot of bugs, especially with the iPhone).

I believe I am finally coming to terms with the idea “you can release all this other stuff, and fill in that feature later”, especially as I implemented Storage (which I think you’ll all find awesome): “soon” is (almost) now.

Continued Cycorder Work

In all of this, I am certain that a lot of people think I’ve completely forgotten about Cycorder: I really haven’t. :(

What I’ve mostly been concentrating on, though, is the business model: really, how to keep it free to users.

I believe I have (quite only recently) figured out the key to doing this.

So, my current plan is that when I finished the aforementioned Cydia release I am going to be focusing my time on Cycorder. The plan is still “things you can do with your videos”.

To read the rest of saurik’s response…click HERE.

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  1. Thank you for all the hard work Saurik. User “weak mind” may feel let down, but I say THANK YOU.

  2. Saurik is literally the backbone of the whole jailbreak community. I can’t believe someone actually insulted him by not fulfilling his “promise”

  3. Your such a really cool guy, Thank You for ALL your hard work! Hope you find time for working on your PhD.

  4. Honestly…why Jailbreak if you don’t have Cydia? or installer?

    Thanks for ALL your hard work Saurik!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Saurik is relay simple and good man, with all knowledge he knows and with all the things he gives for iPhone and iPod Touch users for free, he still answer mail by mail.

    Without Saurik tools and apps iPhone firmware > 2.0 would be boring.


  7. hey saurik …..may god bless you with ….

  8. Saurik , thanks a lot for your cycorder…i’ve recorded my beloved baby boy starting he was born on Oct 21rst, 2008 till now. It records every valuable moments of my baby …again, thanks saurik !!

  9. Hey man! You’re simply awesome.. My idol really.. I yust hope you keep up the good work and may the force be with you xD so you can finish all you need to do.. We all users support you and you can be quite sure of that.. Stay fresh! That’s how it is..

    I’m from Venezuela man.. And evn here the market of the iPhone has high expectations.. And the thing is that most of the people don’t really know about people like you that with your knowledge make the iPhone the awesome device it is now..

    We really apreciate all your work.. Just keep in mind that only a few can do what you have done. :) it’s really nice having people so kind like you working to reach the needs of so many others..

    Just thank you.. THANK YOU.. And…

    THANKS :)

  10. 2G runner says

    Hey I have a jailbroken 2G touch and without cydia there would be no purpose to having it jailbroken at all. I seriously cannot thank you enough for making the jailbreaking process so worth it and for rising above apple’s franchise and keeping everything free. Once again thank you for your great work!

  11. hey saurik … i want to thank you for your great efforts.