Friday Night Movie Night – Why you should jailbreak your iPhone According to Saurik

It’s always kewl to hear from the developer of Cydia and in this video he explains some reasons why you should jailbreak your iPhone. There are many specific reasons but to me the main reason is to have the freedom to do whatever you want to your iPhone. Apple controls the software and jailbreaking it allows you to have the control. Check out the video and also check out our page titled “Why Jailbreak?[Read more…]

Cydia Acquires Rock Your iPhone

Cydia It seems that Saurik (the developer of Cydia) has recently required Rock Your iPhone. For those of you who are not familiar with Rock Your iPhone, it is another application used to install jailbroken apps onto your device. Some of you die-hard Rock Your iPhone fans might be freaking out a little bit but, Saurik has written up a detailed FAQ section on Cydia… below are a few of the biggies. [Read more…]

Friday Night Movie Night: Interview With Jay Freeman (Saurik)

CydiaThis is an interesting interview with Jay Freeman, A.K.A. Saurik, the developer of Cydia. In the video, he shows a jailbroken iPhone 4. Unfortunately, he doesn’t release any info on a release date of the jailbreak.

Saurik Updates Cydia to Display All SHSH Files on File

CydiaSaurik recently tweeted that he has “finished upgrading the in-Cydia SHSH on file firmware display” and “it will now show the full list of on file firmwares.” What does this mean? Apple has made it so you have to connect to their servers via iTunes when you restore your iPhone 3GS. This let’s them approve what version of firmware you are restoring too. Then, they make it so older firmwares won’t restore, which forces you to upgrade.

Saurik has built his own authentication server that you can point iTunes to and then restore to any firmware that you’ve had installed and jailbroken since 3.0. You must approve Cydia to connect to Sauriks servers to store the SHSH authentication file. Previously, Cydia would only show that there was an SHSH file stored for firmware 3.0, but now it will show others like 3.1 and 3.1.2.

This doesn’t affect iPhone 3Gs or the 1st Gen iPhone because only the iPhone 3GS has hardware encryption.



Cydget – Framework for Managing Lock Screen Plugins

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## Yesterday, Saurik released Cydget in Cydia. Cydget is a “framework for managing lock screen plugins.”

Cydget isn’t necessarily an application in itself instead it is more of a framework that allows other people to create lock screen plugins that work within Cydget. Allowing you to manage lock screen plugins without the use of WinterBoard. The plugins are managed in the stock Settings application where they can be activated/deactivated and reordered.

Once on the lock screen, you can rotate through the activated lock screen plugins by tapping the Home Button. [Read more…]

Mobile Substrate Update 0.9.3043-1 – Fixes WinterBoard Issues on 3.1 Firmware

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## Mobile Substrate has been updated to version 0.9.3043-1. According to Saurik the update; “fixes the issues some extensions (like WinterBoard) are having with the new dyld “shared cache” in iPhone OS 3.1.” So, if you are on firmware 3.1, WinterBoard should work properly once you update to the new version of Mobile Substrate. [Read more…]

Saurik Duplicates Apple’s Firmware Signing Server

##ICON_NAME## Saurik has developed a server that you can point your iTunes to and it will not only authenticate firmware versions that Apple no longer signs (allowing them to be installed) it also saves information during the authentication and will allow you to downgrade later if Apple doesn’t want you to. This blog post he wrote is a really good read, but it’s really long. Here’s a quick highlight but make sure you read the whole thing here: [Read more…]

Information on Jailbreaking 3.1 from saurik

Jailbreaking 3.1 from saurik If you have an iPhone 3GS you will find some info from saurik, in Cydia, about the 3.1 firmware update. This can be found in Cydia in the Cydia option on the lower menu bar and then the “Upgrading to 3.1? Read This” option. Here is what it says; [Read more…]

Saurik’s Letter to the US Copyright Office

AppleAs many of you already know, Apple is trying to making jailbreaking your iPhone and/or iPod Touch illegal. Well, we ran across this letter that saurik (the developer of Cydia) wrote and submitted to the copyright office. Below is letter in it’s entirety.

[Read more…]

Letter from saurik

As many of you know, saurik (Jay Freeman) is the developer of Cydia, WinterBoard and Cycorder. He recently responded to a comment informing everyone of what he has been up to, things he is working on for Cydia, WinterBoard and Cycorder and how a few other projects are coming along (iPhone Binary Toolchains, Non-Objective-C Languages). Below are a few clips from his response “letter.” You will want to check out THIS link to read his full response. [Read more…]