New Poll – What are some of the main reasons you come to Apple iPhone School (choose as many as apply)?

AiS Normally I put last weeks poll results and the new poll in the same post however, this week’s poll is a little different than normal. Every once and a while we do a poll in which we would really like to get some feedback about itself. This week is one of those times. We are getting closer and closer to launching the new site and would like to make sure that we are giving you guys what you want! So, below is this weeks poll. We would love to see your feedback…feel free to leave any additional information in the comments.

Note: This is not the long survey that Doug talks about in our Video Podcast…he will be launching that later, it much more detailed!!

Another Note: You can choose as many answers in the poll that apply to you.

What are some of the main reasons you come to Apple iPhone School?

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  1. I chose all of them :) ;)

  2. so i was wondering, that if someone has a ipod with cracked apps in it, and if he tries to sell his/her ipod, is it illegal? DON’T DELETE THIS COMMENT. i didn’t say anything about sources of cracked apps or whatever.

  3. although you may not be the highest “high tech” site, but somehow it is always pleasant to visit your site. Thanks for all your hard work.

    • Seconded. I just signed up for the forums – didn’t even see you had them! You need to have a banner or something somewhere to advertise them a little more…