Merry Christmas!

ChristmasMerry Christmas to all of our readers! I hope you’re having a great day! We’d love to hear what you got for Christmas today, especially if it’s an iPhone, iPod Touch, accessories or iTunes Gift Cards. Of course let us know if it’s not iPhone related too. I got an upgrade on our video editing software so look for better videos from us in the future.

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  1. I got 2 25 dollar iTunes gift cards!

  2. I got a £15 and a £25 iTunes giftcards. And a bike :)

  3. T-mobile iPhone User says

    Well merry Christmas to all and mine was verry merry because I was suprised with a 8gb 3G!!! Just in time for the unlock! I guess it’s just a iPod for another week!! :-( Oh well I am still berry happy!

  4. My bro and sis got iPod touches…and I offered to jailbreak the iPods for them… They are new to the jailbreaking so they declined. I have 2 weeks to convince them to cross over (evil laugh)

    • Can the ipod touch be jailbroken too? I thought there was no jailbreak for the ipod touch yet… Thanks for your answer.

  5. I got a 3G for Christmas I am posting this comment using it xD

  6. i got 5$

  7. iphone cracker says

    I got a dual iphone JVC docking station with tuner ,alarm,&sweet color lights,also came with remote.I also got another two 2g iphone”s and two new cases.And swirly mms.HAVE A GOOD NEWYEAR EVERYONE

  8. The tech present I got was an iRobot Roomba 560 that I dubbed Isaac. It’s vaccuuming up my floors while I am reading iphone related web pages like this one. :-)

    I gave a 120GB ipod to my daughter, an ipod touch to my son, and an iphone 3G to my wife.