AT&T Data Network Down

AT&TIf you’ve been wondering why your iPhone won’t connect to AT&T’s data network today, you wern’t the only one. According to and, a power grid went down in Michigan which shut down data services in parts of the Midwest. My grandfather who uses a AT&T USB adapter to connect his laptop to the internet said he couldn’t connect this morning and it was about 5:30pm when my iPhone reconnected to EDGE. During that time my iPhone would show that it was connected to 3G but it wouldn’t actually work. Below is part of a press release from AT&T and a screenshot from my iPhone during the outage. If you are still having troubles, try restarting your iPhone by completely powering off your iPhone and turning it back on. Thanks to everyone on Twitter for keeping informed of the outages.

At about 9:30 a.m. CST on Dec. 28, a power failure impacted an AT&T facility in Bloomfield, MI. This situation has resulted in intermittent disruption of mobile services for customers in some Midwest states. Backup power has subsequently been restored, and AT&T technicians currently are working to fully restore the impacted equipment. We will provide more information as soon as it becomes available.

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  1. drumthrasher109 says

    This is off topic but how did you get the little mail icon on your status bar?

  2. I agree! Good question and good job noticing it!

  3. It’s a package from Cydia but I forgot its name.

    I use StatusNotifier, and it gives icons in the taskbar for mail, SMS, missed phone calls, voicemails, silent switch, and others.


  4. Wow! I live in Bloomfield (Hills), Michigan, and we lost power, which is what led to this.

  5. In Springfield Il it was a mess with everyones call,texts,etc.. it sucked!! A buddie and me would all of sudden get our phones ringing at the same time of a voicemail 10 minutes ago…