WinterBoard Update Version 0.9.2692-1

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard The update to WinterBoard seems to make one small visual change to the application. If one of the themes/mods has a long title, it looks little cleaner now (at least I think it does…that might be from the last update and I just forgot!). Other than that, there were not any changes to the actual UI of the application. Below is the complete change log.

Version 0.9.2692-1 Change Log:
    • Theme Widget WebApp Clips Icons
    • FontName-* Key to Replace Fonts
    • Improved Long Label Rendering
    • Sped up UIImage Cache Access


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  1. Hi,

    I updated the winterboard and the mobile substrate, and now every time i use winterboard or cydia or just by itself it keep crashing and go into safe mode. did anyone have the same problem? and what can i do to avoid it? am on 2g firmware 2.2. I’ve been having a problem with the backup by itunes as well…

    thanks anyway!

  2. Not a single problem 3G 2.2.

  3. i am in 2g firmware 2.2 no problem with my phone

  4. Me too 1G firmware 2.2 no problem what`s so ever!

  5. Hey haven´t downloaded it yet, it seems to be having a little trouble upgrading winterboard due to a message that comes out and says
    NetDB: cache.saurikcom nodename nor servername provide, or not known
    and then another 3 messages saying the same thing, what is that??
    can someone help me out on these one??

    2g firmware 2.2

  6. Hey,
    i have 3 iPhones (2x old and one 3G) and all no Problems with Winterboard!

  7. No probs here. 3G iPhone running 2.2. I’m knocking on some wood though. ;)