Oobits – Strategy Game

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OobitsI have to make an upfront confession before reviewing this app. I have a direct connection to the developer. It’s is my co-worker’s nephew. So there, now it’s out, I can continue with the review :)

Oobits is kinda like Bejeweled. I’m sure the developer hates me saying that but that’s what you think when you see a screenshot of it. I was thinking that exact thing when my friend told me about the app. But, I tried it out and got addicted right away. The game is different in that you drag an entire 5 cross group of oobits around to make rows of color. It may sound easy but there are 6 different colors, rainbow oobits that can act as any color, rock oobits that have to be used twice before disappearing, and 3 different game modes including a multiplayer option. You also can’t overlap the area you’re moving the group of oobits from. See the video to see what I mean and watch for the bombs! They are your friend!


Demo Video:


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  1. DJContagious says

    its like a SUPER version of Bejeweled :D