TalkMe – Text to Speech Application

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

TalkMeTalkMe is a text to speech application. The application gives you the ability to listen to your text messages instead of read them. I will say that when I saw this app in Cydia I was intrigued and although it is a great concept, the app itself needs some work. When you open TalkMe, you get a list of all your text messages. I’m not exactly sure what order the text messages are in. The list has no organization and is almost impossible to navigate logically however, there are a few options that you can change in the Settings that do help a little.

If you select the Info-Setting button in the lower left corner, it will open the Settings page. Here you are able to change the Language, change the voice speed (the higher the voice speed the slower they talk, the lower the voice speed the faster they talk) and turn on/off show only unread text messages. One cool feature is that you can test the app right in the Settings page. Just type any text into the blank below the Test button and then select Test and it will read you the text you have entered….it’s funny! I have found that if you turn on the show only unread text messages option, you are able to at least make some sense out of the list.

When you are back on the list of text messages, you can select a text message and it will open it and being to read the message.

Overall, the application does a decent job of converting text to speech but organizationally…the app needs a little work!


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  1. the organization is really bad the new text messages goes all the way to the end so you have to scroll down to get to it…!! so if u have a lots of text messages its going to take a while…!!

  2. Couldn’t find it on cydia !

  3. Quite a random app
    It’s just funny to type and test on iPod touch

  4. Doesn’t work. I’m running iPhone firmware 2.2.

  5. Doesn’t work. I’m running iPhone firmware 2.2.

  6. Huh…that is what I am on as well (2.2) and it worked or me.

  7. For me it only started working once I changed the language from
    it to en in the settings.

  8. sounded like a great idea… until i actually heard the voice. i could never actually use it without cracking up every time.

  9. I can’t even get to the settings. as soon as i touch the app icon it looks like it will start (all icons fly off screen) and then all the icons fly back.

  10. Doesn’t work v2.2

  11. Lame app.. Doesn’t work on 2.2…

  12. Doesn’t work with 2.1 either

  13. Will not open

  14. just FYI,
    I’m on 2.2 and it worked flawlessly.

  15. Doesn’t work. I’m running iPhone firmware 2.2.
    the app don’t open

  16. out of curiousity, are you guys (working or not) on an 1st gen iphone or the 3g version? i’m on first gen iphone jailbroken and unlocked 2.2 firmware and it’s not working at all.

    • I’m using 2.2 on my 3g and the app starts and then when I try to change any settings text to speech freezes up.. Not the whole phone, just the app. So I removed it.

  17. mark boyce says

    need to change permission to 755.

  18. well it worked on my 2g fw2.2, as well as on my 3g fw2.2.
    I did need to change the language to EN.

    2 things: there needs to be some kind of way to order the messages, they are all over the place, and it would be nice to be able to customize or change the voices…


  19. What is the language code for Chinese

  20. doesnt work on 3.1.2…app wont load

  21. I installed the program but it won’t open. I get a black screen for 2 sections and then it goes back to my wallpaper. Is there another application that does the same thing?

  22. Kurt Hitchen says

    No sorry, still doesnt work. Black screen, then crashes. No settings?

    Tried fixing directory permissions, 755, rebooted, but no joy :-(

    OS 3.1.3